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eKYC - Finexis Advisory

Client’s Country: Singapore

Engineers involved in this program: Our top engineers specializing in Python

Timeline: 2021 - Present

Industry: Finance

Website: https://www.finexis.com.sg/

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Finexis Advisory is a financial advisory firm based in Singapore. They offer a wide range of financial planning services to individuals, families, and businesses, including investment management, retirement planning, insurance planning, and estate planning. We help them build eKYC, which is a dashboard to create a KYC workflow and allow users as financial consultants to fulfill the forms for their clients within. Financial institutions are protected by Know Your Customer (KYC) standards from fraud, corruption, and financing of terrorism. The dashboard of eKYC is to establish customer identity, comprehend the nature of customers' activities, and verify the legitimacy of the source of funds. eKYC protects your business and ensures a smooth user experience, which Golden Owl assists with writing APIs and building the simplified eKYC. Golden Owl implements and optimizes eKYC by using Python.


  • The source code was in poor condition which needed optimizing.

  • There are a set of expectations that web (REST, SOAP, RPC) APIs must meet. They need to undergo comprehensive testing to ensure that they meet these standards

  • Python initiates different functionalities for different codes, there arises the need for compiling complex codes and debugging.

Technology solutions

We do code refactoring after building features so as to simplify and increase the understanding of code. In addition, during refactoring, we can discover buried bugs or vulnerabilities hidden in the software. We also write APIs, to help mitigate API system integration issues, our project coordinators work with developers to estimate whether the current systems may need more time to complete the desired integrations.

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Core features

  • Face matching is a type of eKYC technology that confirms a user's identity using images or videos of their visage that were taken in real time.

  • An eKYC solution's capacity to determine whether a real individual is actually present in front of the camera is known as liveness detection.

  • On their mobile phone, users can quickly electronically sign important contracts and other papers by electronic signature.

Final results

  • eKYC expedites transactions and removes the need to bring around multiple forms of identification. Customers who have active digital accounts can also use the app to quickly and easily prove their identity. The effective eKYC optimized customers’ experience and increased their satisfaction, which benefits the clients and contributes to the success of the client's business. 

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