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Client’s Country: Singapore

Engineers involved in this program: Top engineers specializing in RoR

Timeline: August 2021 - Present

Industry: Finance

Website: https://iammerlin.co/

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Merlin - is a financial planning tool in website format. Merlin can help you give value above your clients expectations and streamline your procedures to increase your company efficiency. Merlin is a life and dreams planning tool that may assist you in guiding your customers through the process of managing and optimizing their money so that they can afford each of their life goals.


  • To build the app from scratch

  • Complicated features

  • Strict deadlines

Technology solutions

For the website, we use Ruby on Rails for the backend development. Ruby on Rails is a framework that allows developers to create contemporary web applications quickly. It accomplishes this by simplifying or automating mundane activities, allowing developers to focus on the code that distinguishes their application.

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Core features

  • Configure: Merlin helps you plan your day so you know what has to be done and when you need a well-deserved rest to recover and prepare for the following day, which promises to be equally fruitful.

  • Automate: Merlin automates your workflow to prevent leaks and ensure you don't miss any important tasks.

  • Track: Merlin provides insights into which phases of your business you can focus on to enhance your ratios and give you the extra push needed to expedite your development.

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Final results

  • Despite the fact that Merlin is a relatively new name in the financial world, the outcomes it produces must be acknowledged. In just two months, over 1,000 of pleased customers were onboarded.


  • TRUNK TECH PTE. LTD developed Merlin, a financial planning tool. It is a registered Exempt Private Limited Company with its headquarters in District 1 (Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, and People's Park).The company has received an investment of 180, 000 SGD from ordinary shares.

  • Reference: https://sgpgrid.com/company-details/trunk-tech-pte-ltd#funding

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