About us

A team of experts

We are Golden Owl - a well-established agile software outsourcing company who builds successful, scalable products that empower your business. Started in 2015 as a Vietnam - Singapore joint-venture, now we are expanding and operating in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and Norway.

Our work focuses on innovative, time-tested software development solutions. You can always count on our expertise, effective communication and our commitment to your projects.


We make your idea happen

With experience through hundreds of projects, we demonstrated confidence in offering full-stack solutions for our clients.

Our team is expertise not only in mobile app and website development, but also in UI/UX design, automation testing and IT consulting. We focus on creating impactful solutions that fit client’s needs perfectly.


What we’ve achieved so far

As a bespoke software development company we have delivered a vast range of applications that have made a significant difference in their business.

We served start-ups and enterprises across the globe: B2B, B2C, Retail, Education, HR Management, Travel, Hospitality, Ecommerce, IT Solutions, Fintech, Finance, Real estate, Legal

30+ mobile apps

We offer custom software development in full package from conception to delivery. We build applications that your user will love.

45+ websites

You can rest assured the code behind your website is exactly the right fit, clean and easy to maintain.

7 countries

We are proud of being a well-known enterprise which can work together with clients coming from Singapore, UK, America, etc.


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struggling with digital transformation?
build MVP for a groundbreaking idea?
looking for a distributed team?
offset costs of hiring local engineers?
looking for extra workforce for in-house projects with tight deadlines?

We are here to help!
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