Project management

Project management

To make you feel like we work as your in-house team.

No matter what, you can't create an amazing software product without the collaboration between the business side and technical side.


With our project managers, you can sleep well – you are in good hands.

At Golden Owl, we are proud of our project manager team - key people who contributed to each and every project’s success. It’s them who make our approach work perfectly when it comes to remote collaboration.

Simple and powerful


Project managers work with our clients to understand their goals around delivery, growth, and revenue, and in partnership we define the product strategy that will meet their needs and achieve their goals. They make sure project needs are met by always bringing the right people to the team.

High-quality team

Our project managers are encouraged to constantly improve their project management skills, not only the technology but also soft skills, management and team collaboration. They play the role of communicator, a problem-solver, a team supporter and a consultant at the same time.

Always in touch

Our project managers show a high sense of responsibility and responsiveness during the project. Dealing with international clients is no problem for us – everybody speaks English and further improves their language skills.

Efficient management with management tool.

The project management team here has gained so much convenience and success thanks to management tools such as Trello, Slack, etc. All members of the project management team love it and so does our client.


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