Development Team

Development Team

Our work is about impactful products.

Building software is a complex process. That’s why you shouldn't try to tackle it alone.


We value professionals and teamwork to boost efficiency and productivity

Each developer in our team has their own strengths and expertise but they have things in common: clean code, product-first mindset, great communication skills. We share the same vision: build software that boosts productivity for businesses and simplifies user’s lives.

Simple and powerful

Technology experts

We’re proud of our full-stack technology. Our reliable team of software engineers delivers cutting-edge software solutions on top of Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, employing high-level development practices of cloud automation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Enhance team spirit

Before joining a commercial project, all developers must undergo internal training to learn work procedures and processes. Our standpoint is that when you’re good at something, you have a responsibility to share the know-how with others. Knowledge and support are shared across the team so that people can learn, develop and get promoted faster.

Disciplined team

We work in a team and we live by these principles: ship code on time, don’t compromise quality, and bring passion to our work.

We are stronger together.

Each member of the development team has their own strength and ability, they may still not good at some points and that’s why they always try our best to work together and support each other for the common achievement. Working together makes us stronger and growing faster.

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