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BOT - Build Operate Transfer Service

Golden Owl Solutions offers reliable Build Operate Transfer (BOT) services for IT outsourcing, providing seamless project development, efficient operation, and smooth transfer to enhance your business growth and efficiency.

What Is Build Operate Transfer (BOT)?

For companies looking to adopt the build operate transfer model in software outsourcing, there is a clear vision to operate and own their own organization, often in a foreign country. However, the journey to achieving this goal requires strengthening capabilities and addressing the risks typically associated with startups.

To address these challenges, Golden Owl offers our build operate transfer IT outsourcing (BOT Service). By making a BOT contract with us, you can seamlessly establish and operate a shared services or offshore software development company for a specified duration. Our expertise and support will enable you to build a dedicated development team and, when the time is right, take full control of the operations.

Choose Golden Owl's BOT Build Operate Transfer Service and unlock the potential of building, operating, and ultimately owning your own successful organization. Let us guide you on this transformative journey.

Our mission

Your all-in-one solution for building your business in South East Asia. We handle everything from registration to facility setup and operation management, tailored to match your goals. With our BOT service, we provide the best tech team, workplace setup, and ongoing operations. Launch at the right time-to-market and maximize your business profits effortlessly. Choose Golden Owl for a seamless journey to success.

Build Operate Transfer Model In Software Development Outsourcing

Golden Owl specializes in the application of the Build-Operate-Transfer model within the software outsourcing realm. While other outsourcing models like co-sourcing or staff leasing, comprehensive sourcing, and facilities outsourcing serve as initial steps in offshore operations, we excel in leveraging the benefits of the BOT outsourcing for your software outsourcing needs.

How Does Golden Owl’s Build Operate Transfer Agreement Work?


  • Carefully select and qualify IT talents for executive positions.
  • Provide a wide variety of workplace facilities and benefits to meet your business requirements


  • Offer professionally agile methodology with dedicated follow-ups
  • Provide project coordination, continuous checkup and delivery, technical support, performance reporting, and more
  • Manage day-to-day operations including coworking spaces, team building events, and conflict management


  • Take responsibility for the transfer of all services, operations, and assets to you when the time is right

Why Do You Need a BOT Service in South East Asia?


Set a dedicated team as a part of a larger project team and convert only dedicated teams as your employees.


Convert team members as your own employees thus leveraging knowledge already gained by the team.


Enhance capabilities by incubating dedicated team in our offshore infrastructure.


Low financial risk - test processes, resources , ROI before setting up your own offshore office.

Who can we
Build Operate Transfer?

At Golden Owl, we pride ourselves on the exceptional skills and expertise of our dedicated development team. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, our team plays a pivotal role in creating and enhancing the IT products that power our services. Allow us to introduce you to the talented individuals that we can offer you in our contract:

Web Development

Project Manager

Quality Control

Senior Engineer

Junior Engineer

Server Management

UI/UX Designer

and more...

Mid Level/Senior

Lead Engineer

Code Review

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