Automation testing

Automation testing

Because untested software is expensive.

You don’t want to suffer reputation losses because of angry comments from unhappy clients, nor waste time on endless technical fixes, do you?


Software testing is at the core of quality assurance

At Golden Owl, we take product testing solutions very seriously. Our engineers have two main tasks: ensuring the highest quality of an application and thorough software testing so it doesn’t contain any elements discouraging future users from using it.

How we do that

Custom automation testing frameworks

Develop automated test with every major language, framework, tools extensive list of testing devices.

From the first builds to the product release

Our team makes sure that bugs are discovered, errors are spotted and the entire product works as planned.

Ongoing Assistance

We support crash analytics, bug debugging and error correction.

Best practices with appropriate tools.

We apply the best practices, picks appropriate tools, and supervises automated testing. The whole work is based on the list of strict quality checks that the solution must pass in order to move to the next phase and make sure that both developers and clients understand the importance of the QA process.

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