Mar 26, 2021

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15 ways to effectively increase your sales conversion rate

The average website conversion rate is about 2%, which means for every 100 visitors, you will get 2 customers. It could be as low as 0.2% for some websites, that's 2 customers for every 1000 visitors. So, if you are leading a lot of traffic to your website but still can't convert, this article is for you. We will cover the 15 most effective methods to increase conversion rate with your current traffic amount.

To increase your website's sales conversion rate, you must first identify the conversion type you are expecting: Whether it is to fill out a form, make a purchase, or follow on social media. And then, it would be wise to assess your current data to figure out your customers' profile. This will help you to target more relevant subjects. Lastly, you can count on these tips to optimize your website for a greater conversion rate: 


1. Make it easy to buy from you with fewer form fields

The check-out process should be seamless and intuitive. You should remove all unnecessary fields for the customers. If they find it troublesome to check out, they will abandon their carts and are less likely to convert, although they intended to.


2. Add reviews and testimonials.

Adding customers' reviews and testimonials from big brands will help build trust and confirm the product's quality/ efficiency. Multiple scientific research types have pointed out that reviews make traffic 58% more likely to result in a conversion. 


3. A/B testing for content

You should try out various copies of CTA content and evaluate to find out which works. Make sure to highlight the main features / unique selling points of your products/services. Use tangible action verbs such as "grab it now" or "leave a request." A strong CTA copy will help your brand and products stand out from your competitors'. 


4. Include a third-party signup option

Signing up with Facebook / Linkedin or Google is a fast, secure and convenient way to start making a purchase. Everyone likes one-touch access to their account. Again, make it easy to buy, and people will consider buying more often.


5. Offers, gift codes, and bonuses

There is a specific profession that deals with increasing conversion rates through promotions. It is called Trade marketing. It is about influencing the buying decision right at the moment when visitors know about a product. Special offers naturally raise sales by 10-30%, which will then compensate for the promotion cost.


6. Add a pop-up to your site

According to a study, all pop-ups have a conversion rate of 3.09%. Don't bother the users by overusing the pop-up, though. Make sure your pop-ups are easy to close, come with a special deal, and only appear once to a single user.


7. Use video to illustrate your USP

Video content is always attracting the most traffic. Although the conversion rate will lower for videos as the traffic increases, you are still making more absolute revenue value. 


8. Use landing pages for PPC ads.

Pay-per-click ads will redirect users to another page, which would best be a dedicated landing page rather than your homepage. Show visitors that you care enough to make their user experience great with a smooth flow. 

9. Show your social proof

Rather than just a static website with no human proof, include your social media accounts, subscribe button, and comment sections. Bring your brand to life and increase trust with social interactions. If you have thousands of followers and a lively community of fans, why not let your potential customers know about that?

10.  Upsell related products

Showing products in bundles or recommending related products is a great idea to upsell. People who are buying tables will undoubtedly prefer to have suggestions for table cloths.



11. Include stock availability

This creates scarcity, as there are only 3 items left with discounts or only 4 left for this color, people will be more likely to make a quick purchase.

12. Offer various payment options

ATM cards should not be the only payment method. You can add PayPal, credit cards, and cash on delivery. Multiple payment options will suit people's various needs and make buying easy for them.

13. Use high-quality pictures

Low-quality pictures will create a sense that the product itself is also of low quality. Invest in a media team or buy a professional camera to assure high-quality images.

14. Use a chatbot

Visitors, especially those who care about your products, will have a lot of questions and concerns. Be prepared to answer them quickly via a chat tool. A chatbot is also helpful to quickly answer the visitors when you are not available to chat.

15. Use bright pictures of happy people

Pictures of smiling people will indicate the feelings that your products/ services will bring to end-users. Make sure you create a good look and feel about your brand and products.


Implement these tips altogether to optimize your conversion funnel and reduce friction. Increasing conversion rate means improving ROI in marketing and boosting efficiency. We are also consumers, so take some time to put yourself in the consumer's shoes and think about whether you'll buy from your website.

Building a website and making it profitable is an arduous job. Golden Owl is your trusted IT partner. We always make sure your website is functional and look professional so you can focus on building your business.

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