Apr 24, 2024

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17 Best AI Tools For Students In 2024

Master complex concepts, conquer writer's block, and stay on top of your studies with the help of AI! Discover the best AI tools for students in 2024.


What is AI (artificial intelligence)? It is a field of computer science dedicated to creating systems that can perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. AI technology is rapidly transforming the educational sector, offering students various innovative tools that can significantly enhance their learning experience. 


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From solving complex mathematical problems to developing compelling essays, AI assistants are here to empower your academic journey. Here is a carefully curated list of some of the best AI tools for students in 2024, conveniently categorized for ease of access:


Writing and Grammar





Grammarly is the best AI tool for students looking for ways to improve their writing. It is much more than a basic spell checker, as it offers a wide range of advanced features to enhance the quality of your writing. You can benefit from sophisticated grammar suggestions, stylistic improvements, and even plagiarism detection with Grammarly. 





If you want to enhance your paraphrasing abilities, QuillBot's AI-powered rephrasing engine can be an invaluable asset. This innovative tool is designed to help you rewrite sentences while maintaining their original meaning, making it ideal for crafting truly unique essays. 


With QuillBot, you can rest assured that your writing will stand out from the crowd, as this powerful software can help you easily rephrase even the most complex sentences. 


Math and Science





This free AI-powered learning companion can help you quickly tackle complex subjects. Whether you are struggling with mathematics, physics, or any other discipline, it can provide informative content and real-world examples to help you better understand the topic. 


With Socratic, you can ask questions and receive detailed answers tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, it can help you with homework by providing step-by-step solutions to problems. 


Stepwise Math



Improve your math skills with Stepwise Math's cutting-edge AI-powered problem-solving guide. It offers step-by-step explanations for various mathematical concepts, making it an indispensable tutoring resource for learners of all levels. 

Whether you're struggling with calculus, algebra, geometry, or any other math subject, Stepwise Math can help you master the material and achieve your goals. 





Photomath is an intuitive and user-friendly app that can help you solve complex math problems in a snap. It uses advanced AI technology to recognize and analyze the math problem you scan with your phone's camera. 

Once the app has identified the problem, it provides a detailed solution with step-by-step explanations to help you understand the concepts involved. 


Wolfram Alpha



Wolfram Alpha is a highly advanced computational knowledge engine that harnesses the power of AI to provide you with comprehensive answers to your queries related to science and mathematics. 


Whether you're looking for factual results or data visualizations, Wolfram Alpha has got you covered. It utilizes cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of data from various sources and present you with accurate and reliable information. 


Organization and Productivity





Notion is a comprehensive workspace that offers an intuitive and efficient platform for note-taking, project management, and collaboration. Its advanced AI capabilities help you organize notes, set reminders, and collaborate seamlessly with classmates.


With Notion's note-taking feature, you can create various types of notes, including text, images, checklists, tables, and code snippets. Additionally, you can add tags and comments to your notes, making them easily searchable and accessible.


Notion's project management tools allow you to create tasks, assign them to your team members, set due dates, and track progress. You can also create Kanban boards, calendars, and timelines to visualize your projects and workflows.

Finally, Notion's collaboration features allow you to share your notes and projects with others, invite them to edit or comment, and receive real-time notifications and updates.





Enhance productivity and improve information retention with Evernote. With its advanced AI-powered search functionality, you can quickly scan through your notes and find relevant information in seconds. 


Evernote's intelligent search feature identifies key points within your notes, making it easier to recall crucial details later. As a result, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through pages of notes to find the information you need. Evernote's AI-powered search functionality saves you time and helps you work smarter, not harder.


Creative Tools





This AI-powered writing assistant is designed to help you unleash your inner writer. It is an incredibly versatile tool that can help you create different types of creative content, such as emails, essays, and much more. 


With Jasper, you can also brainstorm ideas and get suggestions on how to improve your writing. Whether you are a college student or someone who is looking for the best AI tools to improve your writing skills, Jasper has got you covered. 





Writesonic may be the best AI tool for students struggling with writer's block or needing help getting started on their writing project. This exceptional AI writing assistant can generate a variety of creative text formats. 


No matter what kind of written content you need, Writesonic can help. With its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, it can quickly and efficiently generate high-quality content that will impress your teachers. 


Deep Dream Generator



Deep Dream Generator is a fantastic tool that can help you unleash your artistic vision and easily create stunning artwork. It can help you turn your images into trippy, dream-like masterpieces using the power of AI. All you need to do is upload your photo and let the algorithm do the rest. 





Synthesia's AI-powered avatars offer an advanced tool to create compelling video presentations that can captivate your target audience. Therefore, you can produce highly realistic videos with a virtual presenter, bringing a dynamic and engaging touch to your projects. 


With Synthesia's AI-powered avatars, you can customize your videos to suit your specific needs, from choosing the avatar's appearance and voice to designing the background and animation effects. 


Accessibility Tools


Natural Reader



Natural Reader is a state-of-the-art text-to-speech tool powered by AI. It can convert any written text into high-quality audio, making it a valuable asset for people with reading difficulties or visual impairments. 


With its advanced features, Natural Reader can help students read and comprehend text more easily, and it can also assist college students who need to review documents or reports quickly and efficiently. 





Its intelligent voice recording and transcription software is an excellent tool for quickly capturing lectures and discussions. Thanks to advanced AI technology, Otter.ai can identify and differentiate between multiple speakers, making it easier to focus on the lecture content without worrying about taking notes or missing important points. 


Additionally, the software generates real-time transcripts that you can refer to later, allowing you to review the material at your own pace without spending hours transcribing the recording yourself. 


Language Learning





This viral language-learning application has revolutionized the way people learn new languages. With its AI-powered features, Duolingo offers a personalized learning experience that caters to each user's unique needs. The app's chatbots simulate real-life conversations, allowing users to practice their speaking and listening skills naturally and engagingly. 





Memrise is an excellent tool for improving vocabulary retention. It features an AI-powered spaced repetition system designed to cater to your learning experience based on your progress. Therefore, you can easily focus on the words you need to learn and understand most, which is crucial for adequate language acquisition. The spaced repetition system works by spacing out the intervals between learning sessions, making it easier to remember the words for a longer period. 


DeepL Translate



DeepL may be the best AI tool for students who want to break down language barriers. Thanks to advanced AI technology, it can offer more nuanced and accurate translations than traditional services. With DeepL Translate, you can translate text and documents, and rest assured that the translations you receive are reliable and error-free. 


Unleash Your Academic Potential with the Best AI Tools for Students


These are just some of the best AI-powered tools for students. With the rapid evolution of AI technology, we can expect to see even more innovative solutions emerging in the coming years. Take some time to explore these tools and find the ones that work best for you. By harnessing the power of AI, you can unlock your full academic potential!


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