Aug 26, 2021

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4 main reasons why mobile app is a must for your e-commerce business

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the e-commerce business has developed tremendously in the last few years. Many individuals have become accustomed to using mobile apps for e-store and prefer them over webpages as a first choice.


Globally, there are over 24 million e-commerce sites. There is nothing better than skipping the huge lines and shopping at your leisure. Due to mobile apps, this industry has become even more popular. In the present, mobile e-commerce apps are dominating the market and raking in huge earnings.


Clearly, e-commerce app development is in high demand in order to maintain and improve the e-commerce business. Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why e-commerce businesses need mobile apps in this article.


Let's look at some statistics to see how important mobile is in the eCommerce sector.


Retail e-Commerce sales reached $2.3 trillion in 2019, according to eMarketer forecasts. In addition, mobile e-Commerce is predicted to reach $3.5 trillion by 2021.


Approximately 35% of shoppers use their mobile devices to make online purchases.

In fact, while buying in-store, shoppers use their mobile phones to compare pricing.

In 2021, mobile is expected to account for approximately 72.9% of eCommerce sales.

Furthermore, 78% of users prefer accessing a store via mobile apps over mobile sites.

10% of an eCommerce store's clients earn around half of its revenue.

Source: Statista 



Why mobile app helps to expand your ecommerce business


1. Better user experience

Researchers at ThinkWithGoogle conducted a study. When people want to buy a product, they first undertake a fast search on their phones. A local store would only be approached after they had checked prices. 


With the help of mobile apps for e-stores, consumers are able to compare costs amongst products, as well as to read reviews and rating, resulting in a better trust and willingness to proceed purchase.

In addition, mobile apps assist in facilitating faster buying by storing your personal information such as payment details, delivery addresses, etc. It may also provide 24/7 help to your users by using live chat or a chatbot to answer their questions. 

As a result, developing a mobile app for e-stores would not just produce cash. It would assist e-business in gaining a clear understanding of the present market and consumer behavior, leading in the development of superior market strategies.


2. Increase customer loyalty

People that download your mobile app first demonstrate a greater level of investment in your brand. They arrive prepared to buy, whereas mobile site visitors are more likely to check details or hunt up contact information. 


Furthermore, clients spend three to four times more hours in apps as they do on mobile websites, and they do it on purpose.



Businesses no longer choose roadside banners, website banners, billboards, Facebook/newspaper ads, or email marketing to influence clients.  According to Criteo data, mobile app users are twice as likely as customers who access your website via a mobile browser to return to your store within 30 days.


At the moment, mobile eCommerce apps are going to save businesses by allowing marketers to get to know their customers better by remaining closer to them with only a ‘finger tap.'


3. Better brand recognition

Customers are a great way to get a brand's name out there. And mobile apps are an excellent way to make your brand well-known and popular among your clients. They aid in the development of healthy consumer relationships by providing consistent engagement with brands.


Brands can use various discounts and flash sales in their marketing strategy to attract them. Apps can supplement this method by sending push notifications about available savings. It can also aid in the increase of downloads and installs.


This way, people can chat about the things they enjoy and share their experiences on various social networking platforms. They can also share their favorite product's link with their friends and family via WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, and other social media sites. 


Continuous customer satisfaction enhances the development of a loyal customer base and the retention of customers, resulting in increased revenue.


4. Higher conversion rate

Without a doubt, mobile eCommerce applications help to increase conversion rates. And, clearly, this is the only thing that matters in the end because it contributes to business revenue.


The conversion rate is increased through an interactive and good interface that is clear and easy to use. People's lives are too hectic, and they expect everything to be completed in a few simple clicks. 



Mobile apps make buying more convenient. According to experts, mobile apps have 1.5 times the conversion rate of desktop websites. Customers who intend to shop online look for a simple purchasing process. The software's easy navigation and simple features encourage users to spend longer on the app, enhancing the conversion rate. 


Furthermore, businesses may track things that are added to the basket but not processed, and they can send discounts and specials on such products, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.



With the reasons stated above, it is easy to conclude that a Mobile eCommerce App is a boon for your online business because it engages more clients and links your brand with the target audience.


You're thinking of starting or running an e-commerce firm but aren't sure if you should invest in a mobile app. You now have the answer. Why not let us assist you in moving forward with the most spectacular app that functions flawlessly with your website and engages more customers to your business? Please contact us right away!

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