Aug 19, 2021

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4 reasons why customer feedback is key to startup success

All businesses strive for customer pleasure. Your customers are the only ones who can guarantee your business's income. 


Entrepreneurs who are successful recognize the value of getting feedback from their customers. Feedback, whether it's favorable or negative, provides you with essential information you may utilize to make key business decisions. 


The most essential benefit of feedback is that it can provide you with solid suggestions on how to enhance your business.


As a result of the brief answer, let's go a little deeper into why gathering customer feedback is so important to your startups and some suggested keys to help you collect those feedback effectively.




1. Product and service improvement

You need customer input in order to identify inefficiencies in your business processes. The end user is the one who knows best. 


Customers have a unique perspective on your product because they are on the receiving and experiencing your final products and services. Only after your clients have used your product or service can you learn about all the advantages, drawbacks, and their actual feelings for your brand. 



On top of that, customer feedback can give you valuable insight into what's working well and what needs to be changed to make the experience better. 


Having their input helps to ensure that the final product will truly match their expectations, fix any difficulties they may have, and satisfy their needs.


2. Better customer experience

Experiences consumers have with products, services, and brands play a large role in today's marketing. 


People do not buy Apple products just because they are good. Those customers want to express their social status and show their standing within their community.


It isn't just that Apple products are good that makes them buy them. As a result, they are attempting to establish their social standing and membership with a group. It's not because they're durable that people buy Nike clothing. It is the confidence that Nike provides to push their users boundaries further. 


Customers will stay loyal to your brand if you focus on giving the finest customer experience at every touchpoint. Asking customers what they enjoy about your service and what may be improved is the most effective method to provide them a fantastic experience.


3. Brand image enhancement 

When it comes to advertisements and expert advice, consumers no longer rely on them. Information that comes from other customers who have already utilized a product or service is much more convincing to other clients.


Today, most companies market themselves through multiple channels, especially on the internet (or "digital"). Existing and future clients will visit your profile on social media. Most likely, they'll show interest in your products or provide feedback that is available to the general public.



When potential customers see these good testimonials, they are naturally motivated to make a purchase decision. Feedbacks like these fuel the customer's desire. 


Brand recognition is created when your service or product sells itself. You get higher conversions without actually trying to persuade the customers.


4. People feel their opinions are valued

By asking for client feedback, you are letting them know that you value their opinions. As a result of including people in the development of your business, they will feel more attached to it.


Asking customers if they are happy (or unhappy) with your service is always appreciated. Your response demonstrates that you value their views and that you are there to help them, not the other way around. 


It is also a very smart way to show that you genuinely care about solving their needs rather than just focusing on making money. Customers are placed at the center of your business - this is the correct method to manage a firm.




We already get to know why customer feedback is important to startups and any business. But how can we utilize those strategies effectively?

Under are 15 smart ways recommended by Forbes and Commbox to collect customer feedback effectively in 2021:


Text Customers Immediately After Service

Provide Incentives For Survey Participation

Read Their Comments On Social Media

Check In With Customers Regularly

Talk To Customers Face-To-Face

Ask The Right Questions

Make It Easy To Provide Feedback

Review feedback on your competitor’s sites

Display any Positive Customer Feedback

Facebook reactions

Make your online store more ‘human’

Use negative feedback to showcase professionalism

Create a feedback area for cart abandonment

In-App feedback button

New and existing customer email surveys



It's easy to see how all of these aspects are interconnected. One component leads to another, which leads to a larger picture in the long run. Getting feedback from customers and keeping them satisfied go hand in hand. 


If you are a startup facing difficulties in making your products or services outstanding and unique in your industry, we can surely help! A little message to us - Golden Owl consulting and all of your worries will be carried away in no time. 

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