Aug 16, 2021

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5 keys to build the best tech team that thrive your startups

Building a tech team of the appropriate people at the right time is one of the most difficult aspects of growing a business. Recruiting competent technical assistance is usually the most significant and costly choice a start-up entrepreneur will ever make.

You will have to extend the team as your technology startup expands. But how do you manage to maintain the folks you already have? 

This blog will assist you make these decisions and advise you on how to develop effective IT teams.

1. Experience is a must

Several decades ago, anyone with a computer could be considered eligible to be a CTO. Now IT executives or technology leaders must have the right certifications as well as experience working on a technology team. Once you run a tech based startup, well-trained tech experience is hand down the core and also the main factor to be considered when building a team

You should only be looking for persons who have worked in these technology related sectors for a good period of time since they understand the process of managing a project, executing or fixing it without much training needed. 

A smooth developing process will cut down a lot of time and hence save your business a good amount of money. Not just that, you can get more work done with the same amount of time if your team is full of expertised IT leaders.

2. Hire the most appropriate and not the best ones

You do not need the best IT talents in your area to form the best team. The right candidates with a good match in terms of skills, knowledge coming with a supportive and constructive mindset is just what you need for your company.

Therefore it is once again important to determine the working culture that you are nourishing internally. Is it the people or the skills that you want to develop? Is it a friendly and supportive team that you want to build; or a group of come-and-go experts that only benefit you in the short term due to mindset differences? 

In the long run, someone with averagely good skills but dedicated and is always on the same page with your team is much better than those with the most qualified skill sets and barely share the same goals. 

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3. Upskill your current staff

77% of CIOs find it hard to acquire new talent they need to lead transformation, according to data obtained in 2019.

Building a good tech team also needs to go hand in hand with upgrading your current staff. Training your present tech talens does not need to be time-consuming and expensive. There are a number of online training courses and certificates which enable your personnel to expand on all their talents, from cybersecurity and coding skills to full-stack development knowledge.

"Very often it's easier to upskill them into new technologies and even new languages, rather than bringing in people who have the languages and teaching them about the business and data within the people," says Southern Water CDO, Peter Jackson.

Not only will this serve to benefit your business, it will also increase the morale of your staff. They will remain with the company more likely if they feel that they are being invested in their career and that their company does care about them.

4. Lead from behind

You must lead from behind, like a shepherd, in order to know what is going on with each member of your team and keep them together as a whole. 

The discussion, refinement of ideas and joint decision-making therefore not only enhances innovation level, but also makes each member feel their importance in contributing to the team.  

As a result, one of the best recommendations is to engage everyone in a team discussion. Letting them feel like they are part of the team and the project. Make sure they understand their value well in the company. And thus they would have a sense of responsibility in doing the work at their best always. 

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5. Share customer feedbacks with the team

When you witness your clients enjoying the product your teams have built for months, do not wait to let them know immediately! At the end of the day, your members deserve to know the actual results that positively grow the company reputation. 

This plays a great motivational part in any technical team and product team. Don't forget to celebrate or throw a small party to reward the team effort!


Above are 5 keys to help you build a great tech team to drive your small business to success. If you haven't started working on it yet, why not consider Golden Owl as your option? We have a diverse team of experts in all kinds of technology technical and programming languages that will surely transform your idea into the most incredible result you could ever expect. 

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