Jan 18, 2021

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5 questions to decide whether your business need a mobile app

In the digital age, mobile phones and their presence have become essential for each person. Many businesses have taken advantage of this to attract, retain as well as communicate with customers. But is mobile app development really necessary? Let's answer 5 questions below to decide whether your business needs a mobile app.

1. Are your customers asking for one?

Think further before you decide to invest in mobile app vs web app.If the answer is yes then surely you have to develop an effective mobile app that meets those needs. It is also a great way to become an integral part of consumers' daily processes.

In case the customers are not asking but you want to build your business a mobile app to be more professional, then be careful with the decision. If your users only occasionally interact with you, then design the mobile-friendly website is enough. Developing and publishing a mobile-friendly website is easier than building applications for multiple platforms, for hundreds of phones and tablets.

2. Do your competitors have a mobile app?

If you can't answer the first question, check if your competitor owns a mobile app. Take a look at the stats available from the app store, the number of downloads and user reviews to give yourself more insight.

Learn more about your competitors' weaknesses and strengths, you will be able to analyze your own products, find ways to improve your strategy in the future, and find useful facts for your mobile app development. Take a look at the different products and determine your brand, which is the main factor for customers to decide to use your application.

3. Will it expand access for your business?

Mobile apps are a minimal way to attract consumers and retain customers, and if this is done well, it will certainly multiply your reach. If you want to reach a mass audience, you need to assess how many of your customers actually use these devices and which platforms they prefer. You may need to develop multiple applications for different platforms, depending on the location of the customer.

For example, up to 80% of your potential customers use the Android platform, then developing a mobile app for Android only should be considered to minimize costs.

4. What is the scope of your own mobile app?

You need to know the specific scope of a mobile app you want to develop instead of merely feeling your business needs it. In fact, every company needs a mobile app.

You do not need to build an application with full features like when used on a desktop. Mobile phones are the convenience of mobility and the functions that customers need on the mobile app only while they are on the go.


5. Should you hire a mobile application developer or a mobile development company?

First thing first, develop a mobile app is more than just someone to write the code. You also need a designer with specific expertise in designing mobile apps and someone who can test the app and review the code.

In this situation, you should hire an agency that specializes in mobile app development. Outsourcing to a credible agency will help businesses with greater professional consultants, time and optimize mobile application development cost and beyond that - the trouble of managing an in-house team.

Tips to choose the right IT outsourcing partner for your project

After deciding which path to pursue, it is important to find a quality provider that can build the right mobile solution for you. At Golden Owl, we have developed mobile applications in various industries: from Real Estate, Ecommerce, Social Platforms, to Financial Services or Education. Write to us, and we will promptly get back to you to discuss further!



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