Jan 7, 2022

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5 reasons that make beacon technology beneficial for businesses

Beacon technology is generating a lot of excitement in today's technological world. 


Despite the fact that many people are unaware of the technology, it has been discovered that it has already become a part of many people's and organizations' daily lives.


Beacons are attracting a lot of attention from business owners all around the world, with merchants accounting for more than half of the market.


As chances for beacon technology integration with business systems grow, the future we once predicted has come.


Let's take a look at why beacon technology is gaining such a cult following and its impacts on business.



Apple was the first to use the word "beacon." Beacon technology is now referred to as "iBeacon" by professionals and industry experts. It provides the fundamental communication technology that will allow diverse mobile applications to communicate with one another.


Beacon technology allow diverse mobile applications to communicate with one another.

Beacons are miniature wireless transponders that communicate with smart devices nearby using low-energy Bluetooth technology. They link and transfer data to smart phones and mobile devices in real time, enabling quick, accurate, and efficient location-based searches and engagement.


In a nutshell, beacons use proximity technology to detect the presence of people nearby and then activate pre-programmed features to provide users with tailored (and private) experiences. 


A consumer walking through the mall, for example, may receive a notice in the form of a customized ad or special offer on one of their favorite brands, thanks to the company's beacon network.



We don't yet know the optimal uses for them, so predicting where the beacon business will go in the coming years is difficult. What's evident is that marketers shouldn't overlook beacons, since these low-cost gadgets have the ability to increase sales significantly.


1. Beacon technology boosts customer experience

Businesses and brands would be able to provide a more satisfying experience to their customers using beacon technology. 


With beacon technology, businesses would be able to entice customers and give them items that have been tailored and contextualized for the customer's satisfaction. This is the first important beacon technology impact on business.


Beacon technology boosts customer experience


The beacons will not only enable new methods of sending out more tailored connections, but they will also attempt to utilize the flood of data in order to derive distinct benefits. 


This data might provide critical insights into consumers' behavior and purchasing habits, allowing businesses to create a one-of-a-kind experience for each and every client.


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2. Better in-store navigation

If you own a large department store, you may be aware that locating the correct section might be difficult without sufficient guidance.


When you go to the store, you must take some time to select the things that you are looking for. Supermarket employees are available to assist you in locating the items you desire.


With a beacon deployed every few meters, your customers will receive exact directions on where to look for items via the store's application.


Buyers in this situation require a high-end or technologically driven retail navigation solution. This is when you can see another beacon technology impact on business.


Buyers in the retail industry may rely on Beacon for first-rate in-store navigation solutions. Customers will be able to find the things they want without any problems.


3. Increase conversion rate 

You're hesitant to buy a freshly announced product even though you enjoy the unique concept behind it. The hesitation comes from a lack of product understanding and awareness. 


It is critical for purchasers to obtain as much information as possible about the goods in order to overcome their hesitancy. This requires the involvement of human interactions.


beacon technology will boost conversion rates


However, in order to control inflation, retail establishments are searching for ways to reduce the number of human personnel on staff.


This beacon technology impact on business has become extremely important in such a circumstance. Buyers can be made aware of different items at a grocery store without having to contact anyone. Hesitant purchasers will receive important information, allowing them to finally become confident consumers. 


To put it another way, beacon technology will boost conversion rates. The things that buyers are looking for will be delivered to them. For both buyers and sellers, it's the ideal "win-win" arrangement.


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4. Increase proximity marketing efficiency

As consumers, we are increasingly reliant on applications and more open to incoming alerts, resulting in a rise in mobile content.


Imagine being able to receive real-time offers and discounts at a shopping center — how cool would that be? As a result of this critical characteristic, retailers and brands will gradually adopt proximity marketing technology as a must-have.


This beacon technology impact on business will enable businesses to recognize a specific device approaching their shop, and they can even trigger a discount voucher to show on the consumer's smartphone, converting a browser into a buyer.


5. Improve business productivity

The future of beacon technology in businesses and companies is bright, since it can assist increase efficiency while lowering expenses. 


Beacons may make workplace spaces considerably smarter by allowing activities to be auto-triggered, initiated, and completed without the need for human participation. 


Beacon technology


Sensors linked to manufacturing floors, for example, can communicate with diagnostic monitors, enhancing production efficiency and minimizing downtime. 


Beacons may also be used to assist employees in quickly locating supplies, as well as to warn them when they are approaching dangerous locations on manufacturing floors if they are not wearing the appropriate safety equipment.



In sum, beacon technology impacts on business is countess to, but these are the main benefits that will help you better understand your audience, as well as promote and complement your other marketing efforts. 


Online-to-offline allocation modeling, user-focused proximity marketing possibilities, and much more are all enticing you to pick one. 


Golden Owl has the most competent team of dedicated specialists that can supply you with the most up-to-date beacon device development solution that meets all quality requirements. Want to install beacon technology for your business? Contact us now!

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