Nov 17, 2021

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7 critical mistakes that kill your startup

The most vulnerable stage of a company's lifecycle is startup. This stage must be well-thought-out and executed. 


Entrepreneurs tend to be optimistic individuals. Who else would invest their heart, soul, hard-earned money, and limitless energy in something that has a 50% chance of failing in the next five years?


In some ways, there's just one startup mistake that entrepreneurs make: they don't create anything that customers desire. 


You'll probably be alright whatever else you do or don't do if you create something that consumers desire. And, whatever else you do or don't do, if you don't produce something that users desire, you're gone.


So, before you go in, here are some of the most typical mistakes that kill your startup.


1. Inappropriate location

Some areas are better than others for startups. Silicon Valley is the most popular, followed by Boston, Seattle, Austin, Denver, and New York City.


Business location is crucial. We're talking about a place where successful startup activities can be carried out. 


Business location is crucial since it is a place where successful startup activities can be carried out


Certain startups thrive in close proximity to supply chains. Some new businesses seek to be close to their customers. Some people prefer to be towards the middle of the market, for example.


Maintaining high standards while starting a business and picking a place where the type of people one wants to recruit wants to live there, as well as adequate supporting industries and individuals we happen to meet who are in the same industry.


2. Hiring the wrong people

A company's most valuable asset is its human resources. It's also the most difficult to control resources. 


This is a resource that must be chosen with caution. Employees' visions must match the company's vision. It might be a critical mistake that kills your startup if the circumstance isn't right.


Hiring the incorrect person might be a costly mistake that kills your startup


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Almost every CEO acknowledges the difficulty of finding and keeping top talent. This small business challenge is much more tough for entrepreneurs, who often can't afford high pay yet need help managing all of the moving components at their new businesses as soon as possible.


As a result, hiring the incorrect person might be a costly mistake that kills your startup.


3. No founders with technical expertise

If you're not technically inclined and don't have any technical founders, you'll have to pay a lot of money for technical development and upkeep. 


That is a significant expense without which the company may not be able to exist. 


In comparison, having at least two or three co-founders who cover all of the key roles and skill sets is a far better arrangement.


Speaking of co-founder, there could be another mistake that entrepreneur makes when growing your startup: find the wrong co-founder


4. Mistaken co-founder selection

This is a critical startup mistake and also worth mentioning small business challenge. The right co-founder can help you reach new heights in your business. 


The biggest mistake that kills your startup, though, is choosing the incorrect co-founders. A bad co-founder might send your business down the wrong path.


Founders' quarrels are all too prevalent. And they leave all the time. This occurs very frequently. 


A bad co-founder might send your business down the wrong path


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However, one founder leaving does not always mean the end of a company. That has happened to a number of successful businesses.  Fortunately, the least dedicated founder is generally the one to go away.


If the wrong individual is chosen as a co-founder, the firm will be co-owned by him or her. At times, cleaning up these shambles is impossible.


So, don't establish a business with someone you do not know well  just because they have a talent you require and you're afraid you won't be able to find anybody else. 


In a startup, the most crucial element is the people, so don't skimp on that.


5. Direct rivalry with the industry's top players

When an entrepreneur has recently started a firm and is directly competing with the industry's strongest market leader while simultaneously aiming to bootstrap his new venture, this is a clear symptom of impending mistakes that kill your startup.


Large corporations have vast resources to keep competitors out of their marketplaces. Big businesses can undercut your pricing, outspend you on promotion, and restrict your access to suppliers and distributors. 


Even if you have a world-class staff and a large budget, your odds of success are minimal if you go head-on into your fiercest competitors.


6. Copy ideas

Another startup mistake that frequently made is imitating business ideas. People tend to replicate business concepts that have already been solved rather than seeking for unresolved or neglected issues. 


The greatest areas for tackling an issue are typically those that have a direct impact on people's lives. 


Another startup mistake that frequently made is imitating business ideas


As a result, rather than duplicating ideas that have already been formed and tweaking them, one should seek out ideas from a different perspective. 


Instead of forming a firm and then working backwards to tackle problems that have already been solved, search for challenges and create a venture to solve them.


7. Making the incorrect technological choices

Technology is a blessing to any company. 


Different technologies are required by every firm. Some technologies are more suited to certain types of businesses than others. 


As a result, a business's technology decision is critical. There is a price to pay for technology. For the business, choosing the wrong technology is a waste of money.


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Our expertise in this industry at Golden Owl can undoubtedly assist you with that. With over a decade of expertise in the market, we've helped hundreds of startups get over their difficult early stages and survive to become successful. We can also do the same for you.


When you tell us about your company concept, we'll know exactly what kind of technology will help your startup stand out from the crowd and solve your small business challenges. Please contact us right away!

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