Jul 14, 2022

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7 Essential Hotel Technology Trends You Should Invest In

There is no doubt that with the proper use of hotel technology, hotel business can enhance their guest experience in such a great way while also saving a bunch of their time and money. Moreover, some of the trends are changing the way hotel owners plan buildings, infrastructure, management structure, and personnel requirements.


The past few years have witnessed how incredibly technology has developed in this sector and changed the way the hotel business runs. And these changes are not stopping! 


As a result, we have compiled this list of 7 hotel technology trends in 2022 that you should invest in since it will help you enhance your existing level of customer service, draw more visitors to your resorts and hotels, and ensure that those visitors return. Let's dive right in!



Why is hotel technology important?

Hotel technology trends to invest in 2022!

    1. Cybersecurity and Privacy

    2. AI Chatbot

    3. Guest Room Technology Innovation 

    4. Hotel Robots

    5. Contactless Payments

    6. Cloud-based Property Management System (PMS)

    7. Big Data




Numerous hotels today run with technology at the forefront. Everything involves some sort of technology, whether it's getting bookings, providing a great guest experience, improving hotel operations, or doing different post-stay activities.


For businesses to compete with those that use the newest technological advancements, it is crucial to stay on top of technology developments in the hotel sector. Simple adjustments may be made by even smaller hotels to provide them an advantage over competitors who don't use cutting-edge technology.


A recent survey by Statista recorded hotel owners’ answers about why they would want to apply technological uses in their business:

24% of respondents stated that improving the guest experience is the most important.

18% of those polled stated they wanted to use technology to increase their revenue.

16% of respondents indicated they wanted to make their hotel future-proof.

The remaining respondents said their goals are to improve their competitiveness, increase top-line sales, and save money and time.



The list below includes an overview of some of the most important hotel technology development trends. Some inventions result from broader changes in consumer behavior and the advancement of technical breakthroughs, while other innovations were sped up by the coronavirus epidemic. Pay close attention!


1. Cybersecurity and Privacy

For hackers, hotels are a top target. "Only roughly 25% of all U.S. companies, including hotel operators, are completely compliant with current data security best practices. In other words, three out of four are not, and they are disasters waiting to happen, according to one cybersecurity expert.


The enormous data breach that affected the personal information of more than 10.6 million visitors was only made public by MGM Resorts in February.


Hotels are being pushed to become savvy about security as a result of this rising trend. When choosing technological solutions, property owners must conduct thorough research to ensure multilayer security, data protection, secure transactions, and compliance with global payment and data privacy regulations. 


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Hotels must also constantly provide staff training on how to manage personal information, adhere to privacy laws like the GDPR, and change their access credentials often.


2. AI Chatbot

Without a question, a hotel's marketing plan must include chatbots. Chatbot amazingly helps clients, responds to commonly asked inquiries, and promotes direct bookings around the clock. 


Customers receive speedier replies, and employees have access to the data from the original conversation for future use. Even larger hotel companies are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to make their chatbots more lifelike and for social media channel monitoring.


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Why should go for this trend:

Provide unique experiences for your visitors

The hotelier could learn more from its customers, hence more ideas and suggestions could be made along the way. 

Your customers have better access to information, room services, and any kind of support from any device


3. Guest Room Technology Innovation 

The comfort of home is unprecedented for visitors from all around the world. 


There has never been such a proliferation of voice-activated and streaming services in the home: The voice assistants Alexa, Google Home, and Amazon Echo are available together with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


We live in a world where convenience is available whenever we need it, and customers want the same degree of comfort from their hotel stay. 


The trend is gaining on, and hotels are using technology for meal ordering, voice activation, streaming, and guest room tablets.

For example, Hilton, by working with Netflix, is adopting a different approach and enabling guests to manage their streaming directly from the Hilton Honors mobile app.


4. Hotel Robots

One of the most fascinating technical advances in housekeeping is the employment of robotics. The epidemic has made the thought of utilizing robots—which was previously a revolutionary idea—extremely useful in the hospitality industry. 


Already, there are instances of hotels using robots to meet visitors at the door or to offer 24/7 tourist information. Some hotels, nevertheless, are now using robots for security, room service, and waiting in restaurants, as well as for delivering baggage.


With robots becoming more dependable and capable of enhancing performance over time through training, this technology is also anticipated to continue to develop in the years to come.


5. Contactless Payments

In terms of important hotel technology advancements, contactless payments are among the most important since they increase transaction speed.


Statistics from consumer surveys show that allowing contactless payments is the single most important thing the hospitality sector can do to increase guests' comfort levels while they're staying in hotels.


This field has been widened more recently with the introduction of wearables and mobile wallets, giving users alternatives even when they do not have their cards on them. 


More hotels accepting cryptocurrencies as payment might result from modern payment methods.


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6. Cloud-based Property Management System (PMS)

Any time hotel technology is mentioned, a "property management system," especially one that is "cloud-based," is the first and main thing that comes to mind. 


Undoubtedly, it ranks among the most crucial hospitality technology options for hotels across the world. The technology integration is centered on a cloud-based hotel PMS. 


An integrated workflow is achieved when a PMS is connected to other systems. So, if you were thinking of making your hotel more technologically advanced, you should start with this.


7. Big Data

With thousands of customers passing through the hotel each month hotel, this huge database of big data may be utilized to improve sales and marketing choices. 


Big data may be gathered and analyzed in order to manage income, find niche promotions that will pique the interest of various target markets, and assist in making decisions that will improve the visitor experience.



As you can see, the newest resort and hotel trends center on fusing modern technology with the standard hotel experience. Brands can mimic that experience by understanding how consumers use technology at home. 


As a result, those that can demonstrate that they comprehend what prospective guests want from their stay today will experience a rise in visitor satisfaction, cheaper expenses, and more reservations.


Have an idea of what software development you need to improve next? Cool! Let’s build your hotel business into an unbeatable brand on the market by arming your system with the most advanced technology for optimal customer satisfaction.


Don’t forget to contact Golden Owl’s team of experts to schedule a free consultation anywhere and anytime you want! 


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