Jul 20, 2022

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7 Examples Of Popular Apps Built With Flutter



The most important thing to understand about Flutter is that Google has offered it as a developer-friendly solution for creating cross-platform apps.


When it comes to building mobile apps, using Flutter is often justified due to its numerous advantages. 


Developers may virtually instantly implement modifications thanks to the hot-reload mechanism. Flutter's Material design widgets are used to build aesthetically stunning mobile apps. 


For its excellent performance, logical architecture, and detailed documentation, this open-source framework is highly praised. Because it is easy to use, Flutter is frequently suggested as a cross-platform solution for developing iOS and Android apps.


According to a developer study conducted in 2021, Flutter is the most widely used cross-platform mobile framework. This cross-platform framework emerged from obscurity in 2017 to become the current favorite among iOS and Android developers for app development frameworks.


Source: Statista 

When it comes to cross-platform framework popularity, Flutter is swiftly ascending to the top. 30% of the developers surveyed in 2019 said they utilized Flutter. With 42% to React Native's 38% in 2021, Flutter has surpassed React Native. If this pattern holds, Flutter will overtake other frameworks within a year, with more than half of the developers asked already using it.


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Flutter is powered by Dart, a programming language with an emphasis on front-end development. 


With the least amount of code modification, this object-oriented programming language enables programmers to create programs for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, and Google's Fuschia.


Many apps have been created using Flutter. You have almost certainly been using a Flutter-developed app that you might not know. Here is the list of the 7 most popular flutter-made apps and their unique features: 


1. Google Ads

You may manage Google ad campaigns using this mobile application right from your smartphone. 


With Google Ads, you can follow your advertisement in real-time and watch adverts and campaigns tailored to you based on your interests. This website advertising platform provides a wide range of services, decent product coverage, and other web content marketing. 


The new Google Ads app provides enhanced information, notifications for campaign management, and the ability to amend running campaigns. It also makes it possible to contact Google specialists using it.


2. KlasterMe

KlasterMe is a popular content-sharing site where users may create and publish their own pages and contribute photographs, blogs, essays, polls, and entries. 


This app's functionality validates the technological foundation, which is typical of Flutter-built apps. The quality of the platforms developed is one of the most prevalent characteristics of applications made with Flutter, and this is evident in the app's user interface and image quality. 



3. Xianyu by Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the world's biggest markets for online shopping. To assist its top retailers, they set out to create an app in 2017. 



Flutter was used in the building of an app by a team from Xianyu, the second-largest retail platform of the Alibaba Group. Over 50 million people have downloaded it, and more than 10 million people use it daily. 


Apps created with Flutter explore its seamless technology, and this has made it possible for Xianyu by Alibaba to be maintained in real-time using a single codebase. With each new update by the developers, the functions in the area show clearly how much innovation the Flutter framework supports. 


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4. BMW

BMW engineers were aware of significant design differences between its Android and iOS products in 2018. The team looked at a number of cross-platform frameworks to handle this problem, and in October 2019 Flutter got the nod.



The company launched the My BMW App in 47 nations across five continents by July 2020. The goal of this app was to serve as a universal interface that would provide a seamless transition between a smartphone, a car, and the online environment.


The My BMW app is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and runs on both the iOS and Android platforms.


5. PostMuse

PostMuse is an Instagram story-altering software that offers users a variety of lovely forms to explore a vast selection of typography, frames, borders, and other elements.



Instagram users may display their ingenuity with the help of PostMuse's selection of gorgeous layouts. Users may also modify and personalize these typefaces, pictures, and emoticons to create postings that seem polished.


PostMuse makes use of Flutter to improve design and usability while assuring faultless performance. Without compromising the aesthetic, Flutter also improved the application's usability and structure.


6. Tencent

No matter which product a user connects with, Tencent's primary objective was to make that connection a seamless and attractive one. They assist with work, school, travel, and a variety of other everyday tasks. Their applications are actually universal.



Flutter was chosen by several Tencent teams as their front-end solution for enhancing development effectiveness while assuring a positive user experience. Additionally, the flutter technology enables programmers to work swiftly, collaborate flawlessly, and effortlessly achieve desired results.


AITeacher, DingDang, K12, and Mr. Interpreter are just a few of the applications that Tencent uses the Flutter framework on.


7. LeftMid - Developed by the Golden Owl

LeftMid is the ultimate app for soccer players and coaches. For players, it tracks your progress based on a range of attributes every time you play the game. Coaches get a comprehensive tool that makes it easy to manage their teams.



Golden Owl’s app developer experts have built this app using Flutter for higher usability. The app hence delivers a rich native performance with minimal crash-down rates.


LeftMid contains several benefits for both players and coaches, providing a fun way to engage and track your game with resourceful data to improve team and player engagement. 



With less coding and a new, expressive vocabulary, Flutter makes it possible to accomplish more functionality. The community's interest in and use of Flutter is already growing. Young developers are more likely to adopt this technology as a consequence, which makes it simpler to assemble the ideal team.


You should read our in-depth comparison of Flutter vs. React Native if you're still unsure whether Flutter is a good fit for your project concept.


Contact us if you want to know how we can be a great partner for your next Flutter app or we could exchange some ideas on how to improve your project to the max. 


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