Apr 4, 2022

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7 Reasons Digital Stickers Boost Marketing


Can you figure out what the main points of the above stickers in the cover image were? Yes, right? That is exactly why stickers may now be used to communicate completely. 


While emoticons, emojis, and stickers may appear to be frivolous items that youngsters use to spice up their chats, they are actually a multibillion-dollar industry. 


Chat apps like Line and KakaoTalk have made a fortune just off stickers. Line, for instance, generates more than $10 million every month from sticker sales.


Stickers are becoming increasingly common, whether it's stickers on your lunchbox or stickers in communications. Stickers are great for entertainment.


Custom stickers are an excellent way to add value to existing marketing initiatives or to develop entirely new campaigns. They are simple to obtain by contacting your preferred sticker producer, are inexpensive, and are really adaptable. 



Continue reading to see why stickers should be your go-to marketing strategy.



"We define a digital sticker as any form of material that further conveys someone's feelings or thoughts," said Alexis Berger, chief strategy officer of Emogi, the messaging business that provides emojis in text. 


According to an Emogi study, 92% of online customers connect using emojis, a phrase that is often used interchangeably with digital stickers.


As a result, while internet communication in the workplace allows workers to rapidly and effectively communicate with their counterparts, it is also a potential minefield of misunderstandings and discontent. 


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Also according to Darlene Price, author of Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results, this is due to a lack of nonverbal cues, which have 65 to 93% greater effect than the words expressed.


Stickers. by Rahul Menon



According to a Harris Poll poll, 71 percent of Americans would prefer send a digital sticker than a block of text.


Texts may be tedious, and they don't always convey the precise sense of what we're experiencing at the time. A sticker adds spice to the dialogue. A gesture or accent, for example, might convey sass and confidence in a person.


Stickers make communication more personal. Images assist you in grasping the mood and feeling your emotional condition more profoundly. When there aren't enough words to explain a complex mood or an unclear emotion, send a sticker!



The primary purpose of a branded sticker campaign is to increase brand awareness and organic interaction.


Iovate Health's MuscleTech stickers, which promote their MuscleTech products, are a fantastic example of this. As a consequence, many people use this product since the emotions and in-jokes are relatable to them. 


This has also gratified the customer, which has resulted in the community naturally locating their items among a sea of competitors.


Iovate Health has gone a step further by making its stickers clickable. This is fantastic since clients can interact with the images they get while also having quick access to the company's brand in a fun way!



Sometimes we want to convey our ideas or emotions right away, but we don't have the time or patience to send a lengthy message. And if you're rushing to get to work or the grocery store, this chore becomes difficult. 


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It is simpler to express feelings with a picture than it is to describe your emotional condition with words. For example, if my friends are waiting for me and I'm still not ready to go out, I may send them a charming "Nearly ready" picture without interrupting them.



People love stickers, and if you design them effectively and artistically, they will love to use them. 


Everyone adores stickers for a variety of reasons. Some individuals appreciate it because it allows them to personalize their sweets, while others use stickers to communicate a message or to support a cause.


Stickers are a critical link that connects businesses to a younger audience in a fun and engaging way. 



In an age where this younger audience has been collectively conditioned to reject the millions of ads they see every day, stickers appeal as authentic and amusing, allowing more of this audience to be drawn to and spread your brand.


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Some of these sticker apps/packs go popular, with millions of downloads. And because stickers are designed to be disseminated on the internet, where the concept of "going viral" originally comes from and continues to have the greatest reach, it is a direct link to the culture that facilitates going viral.


Most importantly, they can do it in a way that is enjoyable, cool, and makes them feel good, which will encourage them to continue doing it. 


People may express themselves by sharing stickers of their favorite TV series, music, or pop culture phrases that highlight their personality. As a result, they are creating a communities where they are are part of and making it appealing to those who share similar interests.  



There is no doubt that digital marketing is incredibly effective and may deliver excellent results, but the internet has become overloaded in recent years. 


People are acquiring ad blindness as a result of the abundance of businesses available on digital platforms these days. 


So, if you want to stand out and outperform your competition, you'll need to use other channels as well.


Sticker marketing is incredibly powerful, and by utilizing a promotional sticker, you may boost the image of your brand. 


Are you ready to witness the biggest growth of your business ever through beautifully customized digital stickers for your business? Get in touch with us now! 

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