Aug 12, 2021

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7 reasons why PHP is best for web development

Nowadays, developing or creating a website is a priority for your internet-based business. The two most promising and critical steps are designing and development. The PHP programming language is most commonly employed in the building of websites and web applications. 


PHP is still utilized by nearly 80% of all websites, including big platforms such as Wordpress and Facebook. Furthermore, it is a server-side scripting language that runs on a web server and is intended for the creation of dynamic pages and applications.


So, why is PHP the best for web development? What are the benefits of the PHP programming language in developing a website? And how does it outperform other programming languages in various ways? Let’s find out.


#1 It's a Free and Open Source Language

One of the most significant advantages of PHP programming language is that it is freely available to web developers. There are no such licensing fees for web developers to receive the benefits of a programming language.  It is executed on the server, which implies it runs on the web server. 


Because of the open-source feature, PHP developers can readily learn about scripting code on web platforms. There are various PHP-based online solutions whose practical usage has been well tested, therefore there isn't much time and effort required to improve the language's functionality.



#2 It's very flexible

PHP is one of the most adaptable web programming languages. It also allows programmers to make changes to the code at various phases of web development. Even after building the code, they can quickly add additional features or functionality to the website. Changes to current code can also be made, and the code can be tweaked to provide new features to the website.


#3 It is compatible with CMSs

One significant advantage of PHP programming language as your web development technology is that it is extensively used in a variety of content management systems. Many of the most popular CMSs, such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, and others, are written in PHP or driven by a PHP-based foundation. 


If you choose PHP as the primary technology for your PHP website development project, you will be able to work with a variety of CMSs. A PHP-based content management system can be used to construct highly customizable websites.


#4 It is simple and easy to learn

PHP programming language is simple to learn, and the programs are well-organized and clear. The sentence structure is simple to grasp; anyone who knows how to code in any language will learn to code in PHP extremely quickly. To learn PHP as a scripting language, new developers benefit from a short learning curve.



The orderly and clean code also makes it easy for new PHP developers to join the team in the middle of a project without becoming lost in the code. You will use a PHP developer for your scope, and you will be able to effectively do so later if you need to introduce more PHP engineers to the endeavor.


#5 It's fast and secure

Every firm wants its website or application to be both quick and safe. PHP uses its own memory and performs well in terms of performance, especially when utilizing recent versions. PHP security has been questioned in the past. However it is crucial to realize that it is neither intrinsically more or less secure than other programming languages. 


One significant advantage of PHP programming language is that there are now numerous tools, frameworks, and best practices to assist repair vulnerabilities and guard against assaults as a result of its extensive use and community support.


#6 It’s best for custom development

On the server side PHP programming language is the ideal tool for developing custom websites since it is not constrained by any custom choices. As a result, developers can construct a PHP-based online platform that precisely meets the needs of their clients. For example, when paired with JavaScript, the development team may create a functioning and visually appealing website.



#7 It has widespread community support

PHP, as a seasoned scripting language that is widely used, now has a big and devoted community to back it up. There are several tutorials, FAQs, and tips available to assist new PHP developers and to continue pushing the language's bounds through continuous upgrades.



PHP is a popular web technology that is utilized in a variety of web solutions, such as a simple website, an eCommerce store, or a web application.


Do you need a well-designed web platform built with the PHP programming language for your company? Our PHP experts will be delighted to put your idea into action. Send us a message, and we will be in touch with you shortly for further discussion


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