Apr 12, 2021

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Best 3 apps ever developed in the Flutter framework

You are looking to develop an app with Flutter? But you are not sure what the results would look like? Check out the list of world-class apps developed in Flutter down below. You will get to understand how flexible Flutter can be, as well as what kind of creatives it can support. Apps made in Flutter that we would mention in this article are from Google, The New York Times, and Alibaba.



3 best apps ever developed by Flutter

Google Assistant & Google Ads


Developed by Google, Flutter is now developing Google products.


Flutter powers an ever-growing number of Google apps, from Google Ads to Google assistant. In their announcement article, Flutter stated that they are powering Google’s Smart display platform, including the Google Home Hub. 


Google Assistant is optimal for executing supporting tasks like setting an alarm, calling someone, or telling a joke. Google Ads, on the other hand, helps with running advertisement campaigns across Google Display Network (GDN). Both are reputable apps developed with Flutter that powers Google’s ecosystem. 



Google smart display network powereed by Flutter


New York Times’ Ken Ken Puzzle


Apart from being a world-class publisher, New York Times also has issues of famous online puzzles and crosswords. Since their enthusiastic readers want to play on multiple devices and browsers, and an app made in Flutter was the technical solution they went for.


Eric von Coelln, the Executive Director of Puzzles at the New York Times, stated that: 400 thousand people subscribed to the puzzle, and they’re reaching 2 million players each month. 


Ken Ken puzzle by Flutter

Xianyu by Alibaba


Xianyu decided to use Flutter to develop their second-largest retail app from the Alibaba group. At first, Flutter was chosen because they can easily create and maintain the app with just one codebase.


Since they had a pre-made app, Xianyu slowly added features based on the Flutter framework to it. With its beautiful interface, the app was downloaded more than 50 million times and has over 10 million daily active users.


Xianyu by Alibaba developed in Flutter


Above are some awesome apps developed by Flutter and their features. After reading, you will have already had a clear understanding of what types of projects can be done with Flutter. And also, the benefits of using Flutter to build typical hybrid apps. Stay tuned for more technical articles coming from us!

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