Jun 22, 2021

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Best backend technology for a React app

Backends are essential components for the quick and efficient creation of mobile platform apps. For all of their mobile application development and testing needs, developers demand adaptable and feature-rich backends.


React is a JavaScript-based frontend technology that is widely used in application development. This library is used in a variety of projects of various sizes as part of the tech stack. 


If you're using the React framework to create mobile apps, you have a variety of backend choices. The backend you choose for your React project might have a big impact on your development outcomes. 


What backend frameworks do developers typically choose to pair with React.js as a frontend technology?


1. What is Backend technology?

Backend is a technical word used by programmers and computer experts. The backend is essentially the code written by the programmer that deals with sever-side activities, such as CRUD functions with databases and any server logic. It refers to the server side of an application and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. 


2. You need to know: ReactJs vs React Native



React.js was originally developed and utilized by Facebook engineers, but in 2013, the business chose to open-source it and make it available to the rest of the IT world. This JavaScript-based library piqued the interest of programmers who had previously encountered similar technological issues as Facebook. It grew in popularity across the world, and it is currently one of the most widely used technologies for user interface creation.


The major benefit is that it guarantees project flexibility and high performance. It can also be used in a variety of applications. This JavaScript-based technology is an excellent fit for applications that require a lot of user interaction.




React native

React Native, on the other hand, is a JavaScript framework that serves as a platform for developing native mobile apps. It was also published as an open-source technology in 2015. React Native applications frequently make advantage of common smartphone functionalities such as the camera, the user's location, and so on. 


Developers may utilize React Native to provide a better user experience for mobile device consumers. Using React might help you save a lot of time and money throughout the development process. React-based applications are also known for their high performance.


3. Best backend tech for React app


Node as a React backend

Node is a backend tech used by full-stack JS developers to build dynamic web pages and single-page applications (SPAs). For numerous reasons, Node.js is the best backend for React for numerous reasons:

Create universal (isomorphic) programs that run on both the client and the server using JS code.

Create SEO-friendly SPAs that take use of server-side app rendering.

For client-side and server-side rendering, use the same V8 JavaScript engine.

Make use of React DOM components that are optimized for Node.js.

Use npm code packages to accelerate the development of web apps.


For example, Walmart was one of the first major corporations to reap the benefits of combining React.js and Node.js. Around 25 apps that managed the organization's e-commerce site were moved from Java to the React and Node innovation bundle in 2015.


“Relocating two dozen applications that interact 10000 solicitations each second in under a year to a totally extraordinary tech stack is serious. It’s the awesome the quickest tech change that I’ve found in my profession”, said Alex Grigoryan, Director of Software Engineering at Walmart at Nodevember Conference


React Native and Django

React Native, a mobile app development platform, may be used with Django, a high-level Python-based backend development framework. This programming language is quite popular nowadays. 


Django's major benefit is scalability; it can be used to create simple projects as well as huge, sophisticated solutions capable of managing high traffic and enormous amounts of data. It may also be used to create cross-platform apps in a short amount of time.



So, what makes React Native and Django a suitable app development pair? 


Django, like React, has a strong community and has been utilized by some of the top firms on the market. Django may be used for both mobile and web development, regardless of the project's size. Do you want to stake your claim on React Native? Django is one of the most popular server-side programming languages.


MERN stack

Peter, Fullstack Developer on Proxify shared his experience of using the MERN stack to build an app. Peter suggests that MERN is the most efficient stack for such types of apps. If he worked on the project, he would use:

Node.js, to leverage a reliable enterprise-grade solution for scalable apps.

Typescript, to ease maintainability, refactoring, and reduce the number of bugs.

Express.js, to build Restful APIs that serve as an interface for the service.

MongoDB, to store sensor data as a collection of documents that mimic the format of the incoming requests and require minimal processing.

React, to work with Restful APIs and fetch data from MongoDB.

MongoDB has a highly strong querying system. The model will allow you to perform queries. 



For example, let’s imagine you want to build an app that measures foot traffic in shopping malls. using the storeLocation variable, the dataModel.distinct("fingerprint",{location : storeLocation}) query will provide the number of unique consumers who have visited a certain shop inside the mall. 


Furthermore, by specifying the ‘from' and ‘till' dates, you can quickly determine the total number of unique visitors for a certain time period.


In conclusion, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB are the most recommended backends for React, according to several full-stack JavaScript engineers. The MERN stack is made up of several technologies, which are often used together in web development. MERN is a fantastic tool for quick prototyping and creating MVPs.


We can advise you on the optimal stack for your application and connect you with the top professionals in our network to help you develop a robust and scalable application. Check out our services and get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for you.


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