Jul 8, 2021

about 1 min read

Cheer Me Official Launch: Celebrate the Unveiling Today!

July fantastic news!

After more than 1 year of planning and implementation, Cheer Me under significant technical support from Golden Owl has officially launched today - July 8, 2021. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing how we all here today seeing something once thought “just idea” became reality? It all started with a plain paper filled with nothing but ideas and dedication of all of us. There were surely ups and downs during the process. However, they are the contributions and non-stop hard work that make this project possible.

The Cheer Me social app promises to be a fantastic support tool, one that will be both useful and interesting in inspiring and assisting you in achieving your objectives. In addition, the app allows you to connect with your friends and relatives to take part in fun challenges as you thrive toward your motivational goals.

Last but not least, Golden Owl is very honored to be collaborating with Cheer Me as an App Developer. We are also very grateful for such unwavering support and excellent guidance from the Cheer Me team - our prospect client. 

We are extremely delighted to witness the Cheer Me app being put out there to the world. It has been a tough process but a wonderful and worthy journey with our team as a whole.

We wish your team great success ahead. Wish Cheer Me will be warmly welcomed by everyone.

Check out Cheer Me right off the bat for more interesting experience at 


Download the app today (Australia only for now)

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