Apr 1, 2021

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Creating an AI mobile app with Python – A new 2021 trend

According to Deloitte’s Tech Trend 2021 report, AI-fueled businesses are the latest digital transformation trend aiming at efficiency and performance improvement. Now, when it comes to AI, undoubtedly, Python is the most preferred programming language. Not even Javascript or C++ can beat Python on the list. And so, with 90% of mobile time spent on apps, it’s not surprising that creating AI Python mobile apps is an emerging trend. 


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Aside from stating that AI is the newest trend, Deloitte’s research also forecasts that in the next 24 months, AI & ML companies will undergo technological advancement for better efficiency and speed. That means AI technology is a hot trend that is still on the rise and will result in better IT solutions for the world.  


The popularity of machine learning mobile apps with Python 


IBM Machine learning team member, Jean Francois Puget, claims that Python is the most popular programming language for AI and ML web/application development. “Should you go to indeed.com to search for job postings, you will also find that “Python” and “ML” has the most relevance in comparison with other languages”, said Puget.


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Languages with AL & ML comparison

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In the beginning, Python was a universal programming language that can be utilized in multiple spheres such as web development, data science, and writing system scripts. In 2011, developers were finally able to start writing mobile applications with Python by installing the Kivy framework. 


Creating an AI mobile app with Python is the easiest and most time-effective method as Python has many built-in libraries for AI and ML. We will discuss more about the technical benefits of Python in the rest of this article.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have created endless opportunities for Python software developers ever since. Nowadays, AI and ML are the beloved app development tools for big brand names. While Spotify leverages AI to recommend tunes and songwriters to their users, Netflix needs ML to serve the best movie and sitcom titles to us. 


Why is Python good for AI mobile apps?


In the movie that features AI algorithms – Murder Ex Machina – the main character was hacking the house automation interface. And running through his computer screens were Pythonic codes!


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Murder Ex Machina seres - Python code scenes

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I’m not implying that Python can be good for AI or giving comparisons with other languages here. The fact is that TensorFlow – the most widely-used AI framework – has direct support for Python. Even if you choose C# and C++, you must have the Python environment set up. 


For other languages, developers will need to know the language itself before learning how to integrate AI with it. But for Python, that’s not the case. Any beginner can effortlessly handle creating an AI mobile app with Python. It’s just a piece of cake!


Famous for being the “easy language” – Python also cut down the time to write and debug AI applications by a whole lot! That’s why students and engineers adore it so much. They want to spend less time debugging syntax errors and more time building splendid AI and ML algorithms, heuristics.


Another characteristic of Python is that it comes with tons of inbuilt libraries. Many of which are for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There are TensorFlow, scikit-learn and pylearn2 to name a few. But we know that it’s a never-ending list.


Well-established Python communities can be reached easily online. People build and publish their own library on GitHub for other developers. You can find tutorials, blogs, and videos on how to handle the interface in a few searches.


All these features make Python a star for AI apps.


AI mobile app ideas to create with Python in 2021


In the modern world, AI is prevalent and can influence how we live our daily lives. Consider the following ideas for your AI app made with Python:


Health care – Potential diseases alert app

Ecommerce – Personalized Chat Bot

Education – Tuition fee calculator

Media and Entertainment – Customer sentiment analysis tool


AI mobile apps written in Python is the new trend


AI and ML have revolutionized the globe with their presence in fraud-analysis, personal assistants, data forecasts, buyer persona analysis, and more. We can trust that Python developers will bring about more innovative solutions for the world in the future.


Are you up-to-date with the AI apps on Python trend? If you are still wondering how to integrate AI into your app with Python, contact us, and our specialists will have you covered.

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