Mar 23, 2021

about 2 min read

Delegate Connect: The Emerging Online Event Hosting Platform

Partnered with Mitsubishi Motors, Adobe, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, and so on, our client's brand name, Delegate Connect, is a buzz in the world of online event hosting platforms. A top-of-mind choice for popular giant companies when it comes to event planning, streaming, and management. Golden Owl's web development team is proud to be the tinkers who built this intricate and innovative event management platform.

They recently handled APLAR Virtual Congress in October 2020. The event included more than 3000 representatives, 400 speakers, 190 virtual presentations, and 460 online posters.

Delegate Connect x Golden Owl

Golden Owl Consulting was the Technology behind the entire Delegate Connect project from the onset until now. And we are still currently working on maintaining the virtual event hosting platform and updating its new features.

The Tech-stack that powers Delegate Connect are Ruby on Rails and React Native. Both of which contributed to flawless cross-platform performance and security.

Core features of this online event hosting platform range from HD streaming, hosting Q&A to features for chatting and real-time polls.

The beloved online event hosting platform

Delegate Connect is one of the best virtual events platforms according to customer satisfaction and reviews.

During the Covid-19 situations, they have succeeded in providing their prestigious clients with a brilliant solution and helped them reach a global community of audiences, presenters, and delegates.

Final thoughts

Golden Owl is so glad to have been the technical expertise behind a booming virtual event hosting platform like Delegate Connect. It was certainly not an easy job for our web development team, but it's worth every strenuous coding and testing hour.

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