Feb 5, 2021

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Finding your first investors within 2 weeks

About 90% of startups will fail in the first four years, and only 10% make it to the fifth. That’s some extreme statistics. But don’t be afraid. You can make it to the successful 10% with our insightful blog series, which will help you on your journey to become an entrepreneur. In this article today, we will go through all the possible ways to find yourself a list of investors who will genuinely care and support your business.




Startups burn money real quick. Don’t be surprised that the $150K seed round fund flew out the window in the blink of an eye. Some may think they can save money and fund themselves, but it is smart to seek investors. Not only will they help you with a more stable budget, but they can also be a great mentor to guide you on the way. Not having any loan amount may mean that you are not optimizing resources.


So, where do investors live? How can you knock on their doors with the highest chance of getting them to say yes? Let’s peruse the list below for the quickest methods to find your investors.


Crowdfunding platforms

One excellent way to fund your startup and at the same time to test your ideas against a community of potential customers is to try out Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 

Another type of websites to look at is equity crowdfunding sites, which refer to:

▪️ AngelList

▪️ SeedInvest

▪️ CircleUp

▪️ Wefunder

▪️ StartEngine




Startup Events

There are also social gathering opportunities where you can meet up with angel investors and venture capitalists who are probably searching for a specific type of startups to invest in. So get a ticket and suit up, also practice your elevator pitch before entering these events:

▪️ WebSummit


▪️ Money2020

▪️ Collision

▪️ TechCrunch Disrupt


Social Media, Email, Blogs

Follow famous investors on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Or approach via emails & blogs. Get yourself into their circle of friends and then tactfully introduce your products/ ideas and achievements so far. Getting notice naturally for your talents and creativity is the goal here, don’t bother them too much.


Startup Contests

Joining TV shows like SharkTank is not just a chance to get funded but also to spread the word about your brand and reach millions of viewers. Some other contests with prizes that dazzle are:

▪️ Arch Grants Global Startup Competition

▪️ Disrupt SF

▪️ Founders Live NYC

▪️ CodeLaunch

▪️ Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

▪️ Baylor New Venture Competition





In your early phases, it is rather smart to find angel investors instead of venture capitalists as angel investors are generally more experienced, accomplished & caring individuals who, if joined, will eliminate the need to have other people on board. 


If you are looking to build a killer MVP that will impress investors and draw their attention, then talk to us! Golden Owl is an experienced IT outsource team that will help you take care of technical aspects, UI design, and the project management of your digital products, such as mobile apps or websites.


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