Dec 16, 2021

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Flutter vs React Native, which one is better for app development?

The structure you choose for your future application determines its efficiency and arrangement of provisions. It is implied that a poorly designed application will overheat the client's device, slack, and break down.


Do you want to create applications as quickly as possible? Furthermore, to cut costs through cross-stage development – but you don't know which innovation to choose?


In this blog, we will examine the two market players– Flutter vs React Native, to help you determine which structure best suits your application idea.



React Native and Flutter are similar in popularity when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development technology trends, yet both are still relatively new (React Native was released in 2015, Flutter in 2017).


Both technologies have a lot of stars on GitHub, with Flutter having 71,9k and 79,6k respectively (React Native).

We can observe that interest in Flutter has increased dramatically in 2020 and is rapidly increasing.


Flutter vs react native
Flutter vs react native


In 2020, 42% of developers will use React Native to create apps, while 39% will use Flutter. Over 2 million developers have already used Flutter, with 500,000 using it on a monthly basis. 


The figures are remarkable, but they are mostly dependent on consumer acceptance of mobile apps. The fact is that 92% of mobile users spend their time with applications and social media, while only 8% utilize online browsers. 




Learning curve

React Native appears to have an advantage over Flutter in that it employs JavaScript, the most widely used programming language on the planet. Flutter is easier to understand than React Native from the standpoint of a developer.


That's not to suggest React Native is a poor framework; in fact, it's used by a number of fantastic apps. However, if you're unfamiliar with these nuances, you may lose a lot of time attempting to figure out what's wrong when setting the developer environment.


Flutter is a lot easier to work with as a developer than React Native. Dart is a more user-friendly and understandable programming language than JavaScript. Dart is also more similar to programming languages used in native mobile app development (in terms of concepts and use).


As a result, Flutter came in third place in the Stack Overflow Survey 2020's "Most Loved Tools'' category. Flutter vs React Native, what is a better option for app development? Detailed comparison


Flutter vs react native
Flutter vs react native




As previously said, Flutter is developed with the Dart programming language, which enables for faster code compilation than JavaScript. Furthermore, as a result of this, Flutter automatically displays animations at 60 frames per second. 


All Flutter apps, by default, have a high performance. However, several frequent issues that may impact the rate must be considered. Flutter makes recommendations to users to help them achieve their goals. The following are some of the suggestions:

With tree shaking and delayed loading, performance may be improved.

Image placeholders, precaching, and disabling navigation transitions enhance performance.

Creating functional Flutter widgets



Flutter also suggests limiting build costs, only utilizing effects and widgets when absolutely necessary, using lazy methods for grids and lists, and creating and showing frames in 16 milliseconds. 


It's worth noting that Flutter does not outperform React Native in terms of performance. Many developers, however, agree that Flutter has far too many additional features to make it a superior choice.




Flutter is one of the quickest cross-platform frameworks for building apps, although it takes longer to create than React Native. The issue is that while using Flutter, it's necessary to include separate code files for Android and iOS platforms. It only happens when an app needs more complex UI components. 


Flutter, on the other hand, offers access to a number of third-party UI frameworks that provide ready-to-use components. As a result, the development time can be shortened. To be honest, these libraries make the development process a lot easier.


Hot Reloading” or “Hot Restart” is another wonderful feature of Flutter. A developer can observe all the changes thanks to these features.




Debugging with React Native may be difficult, especially when an exception or fault occurs in the native component of your application.


A problem in JavaScript, for example, might be in React Native or the app's code. Bugs can also arise from React Native and third-party libraries on the native side. However, for React Native debugging, a new tool called Flipper is on the way.

Flutter vs react native


With the help of tools that assist development in Android Studio and Visual Studio, debugging in Flutter is a lot easier. Developers may use DevTools (from the Chrome browser) and OEM Debugger to capture and explain problems. Inspector is another feature that allows you to examine the app's visual layer and determine why it appears the way it does.


Flutter vs react native


Community support


Both Flutter and React Native have thriving communities, with several conferences, hackathons, and events taking place each year.


React Native - React Native is the most popular framework on Stack Overflow, with over 310,507 labeled questions, and was released as open-source on GitHub in 2015.


Flutter - Flutter is a new framework with a tiny developer community. However, it is progressively being used by a growing number of developers. On Stack Overflow, there are over 89,638 queries.Flutter vs react native

* The figures in the table above are from May 2021.


Top companies that built their products with React Native:




Uber Eats;





Top companies that created their products using Flutter:

Google Ads;


eBay Motors;




The New York Times.


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We hope this comparison of Flutter vs React Native helped you understand the differences between the two frameworks. Now that the world is getting increasingly technological, it is critical to stay current and constantly select the finest options.


Let us know if you've already made up your mind! We'll assist you with the following steps in getting your fascinating app concept created and running at the most reasonable price possible. So, what are you waiting for?


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