Jan 16, 2023

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3 categories Golden Owl wins

Golden Owl is a software outsourcing company in Vietnam with extensive experience in implementing technology projects from English-speaking countries around the world such as Singapore, UK, Australia, Norway, .. .
For more than 7 years of operation, Golden Owl has been growing in size and service quality. In the past tumultuous year, GO has continuously made efforts with a team of technologists and programmers working hard, the company has deservedly won the 2022 Awards in Vietnam in 3 categories. : UX/UI design, website development, and application development - according to Tech Behemoths Awards 2022.

"UX/UI Design" category


UX/UI service at Golden Owl provides UX/UI design, UX/UI optimization, and data visualization. The company's UX/UI design services ensure a consistent brand experience in all customer interactions. We fully understand the importance of user experience on apps and websites, Golden Owl always provides optimal, modern, and most suitable solutions for customers.

"Website development" category

  With experience in implementing successful web development projects, Golden Owl confidently proposes reasonable, appropriate, and feasible solutions to each customer's needs. With a team of reliable and talented software engineers, Golden Owl provides advanced web development solutions in programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React,... Besides, we use a high-level development approach of cloud automation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

"Mobile app development" category

  More and more businesses need to build applications to promote their business development. Golden Owl has implemented many application development projects in various fields: Real Estate, E-Commerce, Social Platforms, Financial Services, or Education. Our team of developers uses the best tools to create native mobile apps for iOS and Android, even when customers decide to use a hybrid mobile app framework.

About the Tech Behemoths Awards 2022

Tech Behemoths annual awards are held to honor the best technology companies around the world. The process of selecting countries to award Tech Behemoths is based on 3 factors,:

  • Web visibility
  • Market demand
  • Number of active companies

These criteria are considered the most important in drawing boundaries between the more active and developed geographic regions in the information technology industry.
  Regarding the 2022 awards, Tech Behemoths has expanded the list of nominated countries. Vietnam is one of the countries with high growth in information technology activities in 2022. The awarding criteria for the Tech Behemoths 2022 have been refined to improve the quality of the awarding process, and the list of winners The criteria for the Tech Behemoths Award 2022 are as follows:

  • Customer reviews
  • Business Portfolio
  • Business Profile Power
  • User activity on the company profile
  • Site description
  • Community feedback
  • Active power
  • Service demand in the market (both global and local) - added in 2022
  • Company achievements - added in 2022
  • B2B communication capabilities - added in 2022

Final words

Winning the 2022 Awards in 3 major categories is one of the important motivations for Golden Owl to grow stronger and reach out in the future. With the continuous development of technology in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular, Golden Owl realizes that its mission is to create quality technology products from the capacity of talented programmers in Vietnam. needs to be strengthened and further developed. Golden Owl always strives not only to develop strongly, but at the same time, we want to contribute to the technology industry of the country on par with international friends.

Contact Info:
Hotline: (+84) 2838 4600 98
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://goldenow.asia/

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