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Hire a Software Dev: 10 Budget-Saving Steps (2023)

There are various software development services available with varied costs and reputations. It can be difficult to find a good software company that can guarantee quality while still fitting your budget. programming development. 

In general, Golden Owl recommends a complete approach with 10 ideal stages to pick a software development business that meets your requirements

Please scroll down to read more details if you want to fully understand each of these processes in detail.

How To Hire A Software Development Company?

Step 1: Choose The Right Partner Size

The size of the project or business is the first thing to consider when outsourcing a software development company. Small software companies are often nimble and excel in new technologies. They quickly adapt to customers' needs with a much lower cost than large companies. However, the system's stability and the abundant experience are plus points to build customer trust.

Step 2: Research Big Companies In The Sector

You should browse through the internet and find out more about the big companies in the industry. You can also go through their case studies, or view the results they did for other customers to estimate your wishes for your business project. As a result, you also gain more knowledge about the field you will outsource and make better decisions.

Step 3: Define Your Business Goals And Scope

After researching, businesses need to determine jobs to be outsourced. Therefore, jobs can be done internally to optimize spending costs. Providing as much information to service companies makes it easier for them to estimate the project size and cost. Thus, they can provide the most appropriate cooperation method. Without clear goals and vision, the scope of responsibilities will gradually become disordered. As a result, it is challenging to hire a custom software development company.

Step 4: Focusing On Quality Rather Than On Price

"How much are you ready to spend on web or mobile app development?" is the question that you must answer. Using outsourcing services is one way to save money for businesses but not the only reason to choose a cheap and poor quality one. The right software development service provider will offer a reasonable price with the requirements you set instead of the competitive price and waste your time on the minimum standards.

Step 5: Long-term application maintenance

Long-term maintenance is something you should not overlook when outsourcing software development services. Technology is always innovating. The products you have released will likely experience errors or conflicts after a short time. Thus, regular maintenance and new technology updates are essential when developing long-term products.

Step 6: Experience with similar projects

Experience is required in the software development working process. Working with an experienced partner helps you overcome the risks that will occur and work out practical solutions. Therefore, a software development company that has done projects similar to yours will be a plus for you when making decisions.

Step 7: Check the agency's portfolio or client testimonials

All agencies have their portfolio and client testimonials for your reference to review their human resources and performance. If such information is not available on their official website, leave a request, and they will be happy to provide it for you..

Step 8: Transparent process and workflow of tasks

Communicating and agreeing on a clear and specific workflow for each project between you and the software development company will help the work go smoothly. You will know when you should ask questions about the project progression. And conversely, the outsourced company will also quickly contact the person directly responsible for the problems they faced.

Step 9: Consistent communication on any occasions

There should not be any uncertainty between businesses and service partners. It will only be possible when you answer all of the partner's questions about project requirements in the most detailed way. Do not be afraid to ask if you do not understand; they can only give you the best completion rate when they know your wishes.

Step 10: Visit the company if possible

If possible, spare time to visit the company you plan to work with to have an overview of the size, infrastructure, and how they operate will give you a big picture and make better decisions. You can also begin to discuss with the developer directly you will work with and see if they understand your business requirements.

3 Mistakes When Hiring A Software Development Company

Although the 10 steps above seem very easy to read even for beginners, we cannot avoid some common mistakes when hiring a software development company.

Not Evaluating the Prior Work of Candidates

To hire a software development company, some clients often list down technical skills in programming languages without carefully reviewing the domain or industry that the candidates have worked in before. Recruiting people with industry-related knowledge will be easier for them to understand products and the insights of end users, thereby helping deployment grow. The right software will be optimized for the process, reducing the time for feedback and rework.

Concentrating on Cost

The price problem is always a difficult one for businesses. Setting a budget is necessary, but when researching, you still need to find a balance between the value received and the cost. Offering too low a fee to get incomplete results back will cost you more time and money to correct. On the other hand, a cost higher than the necessary value will certainly be very wasteful for the company budget.

Prioritizing On Local Candidates

Depending on the market, the price to hire a software development company in different countries will be various. Hiring a developer with a high cost does not mean that they will have more skills and knowledge than candidates who require lower fees. It also depends on geographical and industry factors. For example, an American client needs to consider between Latin American and Asian developers. With Latin American developers, they can be culturally similar to the U.S. due to their proximity to the nation. However, to talk about the size of the talent pool, Asian destinations are rated as the top destination for outsourcing with the lowest labour costs in the world. Although English is not the primary language, Asia has more than 300 million fluent English speakers. Therefore, U.S. customers can still spend time researching to find a suitable outsourcing service. The strength of Latin American developers will be in full-stack development. In contrast, Asian counterparts will focus on cybersecurity, IT management, processing, and low-level coding.

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Golden Owl Consulting - Your Best Build-In IT Outsourcing Services

Who We Are

Golden Owl Consulting is a recognized IT outsourcing firm in Southeast Asia. We have six offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, the United States, and Norway. Our goal is to be a dominant force in the tech industry that consistently advances technology. Customers that work with Golden Owl are devoted to get the most modern, best-quality technological solutions. We are honored to collaborate with more than 100 big and small companies from different areas all around the world.

How We Can Help You

At Golden Owl, our team of professional and experienced technical leaders provide a wide range of technology services, including:

  • Web Development: Backend, FE, cloud, AI, and other software solutions are delivered by our certified software engineers with industry leading skills based on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, ReactJS and high-level development practices of cloud automation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.
  • Mobile Development: Create native, hybrid, and multi-platform mobile apps for all sectors of the economy, including real estate, e-commerce, social media, financial services, and education for the iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile app frameworks.
  • UX/UI Services: Our UX/UI designers creates the most exquisitely designed, intuitive, and visually pleasant application. They are complete with brand identity concepts, prototypes, and interfaces.
  • Project Management: We assist in managing the strategy, organization, managed IT services and accountability.
  • Development Team: At Golden Owl, we have more than 50 skilled professional software engineers that can assist in creating full-stack solutions for customers across many sectors.
  • IT Solutions Consulting: Our best software developer assists customers in resolving their most challenging problems. We intricate problems by combining practical strategy with rigorous research and insights to generate a competitive advantage.
  • Automation Testing: We promise rigorous testing and error-free products. They ensure the supreme quality of our software.
  • Microservices: Microservices may assist you in optimizing your apps to boost customer acquisition.
  • Cyber Security: We offer endpoint security, application security, data security, operation security, and cyber network security.
  • Data Analytics: Our data analytics solution supports companies in making data-driven choices and gaining insightful knowledge from their data.
  • Odoo ERP: Our integrated, user-friendly platform will be available to you in doing all manner of business and chores.

Bring Values To Clients

In order to make every project state-of-the-art, we use the most recent technologies. Our cutting-edge technological solutions are certain to satisfy a wide range of customer demands. We ensure to go above and beyond your expectations. To find out more about us, visit Golden Owl Consulting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are companies hiring software developers without degrees?

To get a job in software engineering, a college degree is no longer a rigorous prerequisite. There are numerous coding bootcamps to help non-IT engineers develop their technical skills.

How much does it cost to recruit a developer?

To hire software developers from India, you will be charged for between $8 and $45.00 per hour in Asia. The Philippines charges between USD 8 and USD 40 per hour to engage app developers.

Why should you hire a software development company?

To establish a software development team in your company requires a complicated plan and budget. Finding an IT outsourcing company will help you save costs and time while building an in-house development team. In addition, IT services also ensure maintenance and security factors for customers when they come to the service.


All in all, to hire a software development company is not easy; there always will be obstacles and difficulties. With the above suggestions from Golden Owl, we hope to help you take a closer look and make your business's right decisions. If you have particular problems, do not hesitate to leave us questions for specific answers.

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