Mar 18, 2022

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How global tech firms are supporting Ukraine

Ukraine has positioned itself as a digital powerhouse in recent years, with a number of multinational corporations exploiting the country's robust IT outsourcing industry or establishing their own facilities. 


As Russia invades Ukraine, IT groups around the world are stepping in to support those who live and work there. 


Most certainly, the most substantial assistance provided by IT businesses to Ukraine is their decision to stop selling in Russia. 


Many big companies, on the other hand, are making direct donations and/or matching employee contributions to Ukrainian relief efforts. 


Let's see how these digital behemoths react to the invasion and what they have done to help Ukraine.


1. Airbnb

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to wreak havoc on Ukrainians, some US businesses are coming up with novel solutions to assist individuals who have been harmed by the conflict. 


Thousands of Airbnb members have booked stays in Ukraine, while having no intention of ever traveling, in order to provide money to locals in need swiftly.


Airbnb's CEO, Brian Chesky, said that the company's activities in Russia and Belarus had been suspended.


Mr. Chesky announced last 2 weeks that his firm would work with hosts to accommodate up to 100,000 Ukrainians who had been forced to evacuate their homes, and that all booking costs in the nation would be waived or at the deepest discount. 



In addition, Airbnb.org, the philanthropic arm of the room-rental corporation, is teaming up with organizations to evaluate hosts and refugees, as well as provide $1 million in liability insurance, $1 million in damage protection, and other services.


2. Apple

"We are profoundly worried about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and stand with all those who are suffering as a result of the bloodshed," Apple stated in a statement.


Apple has gone a long way beyond Google in terms of innovation. Apple has stopped all product sales in Russia, as well as restricted Apple Pay and other services. 



Outside of Russia, RT and Sputnik have been removed from the Apple App Store.


In Ukraine, the business has also blocked both traffic and live occurrences on Apple Maps as a safety and precautionary step for Ukrainian residents" in response to fears that Russia may strike gatherings of big crowds.


Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, stated, "We're doing all we can for our teams there and will be supporting local humanitarian efforts. I am thinking of the people who are right now in harm's way and joining all those calling for peace."


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3. Google

"The Russian invasion of Ukraine is both a tragedy and a humanitarian disaster in the making" Google stated in a statement.


The business has upgraded its Search and Maps services in Ukraine to give notifications to UN resources for those looking for information on refugees and asylum seekers.


Google and its charitable arm, Google.org, revealed on Tuesday that they had donated a total of $15 million in cash and advertising assistance to support groups serving the people of Ukraine, according to Kent Walker, the company's president for global affairs.


Sundar Pichai, the firm's CEO, also declared on Monday that the business will donate $10 million to humanitarian relief groups and will "open our venues to serve Ukrainian refugees in Poland."


Just like Apple, Google also deactivated a function that displays traffic conditions in its widely used Maps app, a move that might make navigation more difficult for the Russian troops.


4. Meta

On Sunday, Meta, Facebook's parent company, revealed that it had shut down a network established by Russian and Ukrainian citizens that targeted Ukraine and violated the company's policy on "organized inauthentic activity."


In a tweet, Meta's global relations director, Nick Clegg, a former UK deputy prime minister, stated:  “We have received requests from a number of governments and the EU to take further steps in relation to Russian state-controlled media. Given the exceptional nature of the current situation, we will be restricting access to RT and Sputnik across the EU at this time,”



Furthermore, the firm has announced that it would provide $5 million in cash to different UN agencies and organizations, including the International Medical Corps, as well as $10 million in ad credits to assist nonprofits generate funds on its platforms.


The business also announced the creation of a special operations center with fluent Russian and Ukrainian speakers to monitor Facebook and report difficulties in real time.


5. Microsoft

Microsoft has aided in the field of cybersecurity. On February 24, it helped prevent a potential Russian cyber strike in Ukraine


Furthermore, Microsoft has prohibited access to both RT and Sputnik in the European Union and has banned all ads from both stations throughout its ad network.


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The company stated that it has been detecting and advising the Ukrainian government about cyber threats aimed against the country's digital infrastructure, and that it will continue to do so.


Additionally, the firm also stated that it is devoted to the safety of its workers in Ukraine. And that it is in continual communication with them to provide assistance in a variety of ways, including to those who have had to evacuate for their lives or safety.


These methods of support, hands down, cost a lot of money. However, it's not the time to count the dimes. 


Our Golden Owl firm also wishes to make a small contribution to businesses who are suffering from personnel shortages and facing the challenges of upcoming cyber assaults. 


In addition, we will also deduct 20% profit from each service you use from us to donate to families, people, and groups that are battling to survive this grueling conflict every day. Please contact us at https://goldenowl.asia/contact-us 


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