Jan 18, 2021

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How to hire a software development company 10 steps to save your budget updated 2023

Software Development is an integral part of business development, whether you're a small business, a large business model, a chain business, or a Startup. However, hiring a software outsourcing company in Vietnam has never been easy. It's not as simple as hiring a freelancer, you need important tips to choose the best software outsourcing company in Vietnam. If selected correctly, it will help save costs and efficiency for your company's products. So how to a good software company? In this article, we will give you the right way to choose.

software development company


The first step to hiring a software development company: Which categories of software outsourcing companies do you want to hire?


The first thing is to determine how you are building the software to fit your business model, from functionality to user flow. Once you've shaped the software development you want, select the categories of software outsourcing companies below:

+ Onshore development company: Hire software developers from the same country you are located in.

+ Offshore development company: Hire software developers in another country at a different time

+ Nearshore development company: Hiring software developers in a neighboring country


The second step to hiring a software development company: Establish clear goals for outsourcing


To do this, you need to know your project, what software you need to solve the problem of business, human resources, project management or product development, etc. Outline for your requests, a rough sketch of your project's scope will be a convenient reference throughout the hiring process. This will facilitate both in the process of work exchange.


The third step to hiring a software development company: Choose the right size for the software outsourcing companies


The list of your requirements for the project is a standard measure for determining the size of a software development outsourcing company. Based on that, you can choose the exact size of the list of a software outsourcing company in Vietnam as follows:

+ Small outsourcing company: For projects of companies that need less than 500 hours, this is a reasonable choice.

+ Medium-sized software development outsourcing company: For medium-sized businesses, you need a team with just enough numbers and skills to help you handle many small projects at once.

+  Large Outsourcing IT company: The advantage of large outsourcing IT companies is that they have a reputation, a team of experienced software developers who have completed many large and complex projects. If your company has enough budget, this is the company you are looking for.

software development company


The Fourth step to hiring a software development company: Check out the list of reputable software outsourcing companies


After having data on categories of software outsourcing companies, identifying specific goals to be addressed when applying software, and knowing the size of a software outsourcing company, the next thing is to rely on that data to have a Shortlist of potential providers that can accommodate. You should have a list of the top 10 best software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, so you can compare the strengths and weaknesses of each company and compare and choose the right company.

In addition, several factors need to be considered to start a business relationship such as:

+ Is the company's profile quality and authentic?

+ The products or services they have provided, their success and effectiveness

+ How about their experience, location, flexibility, tax laws, and language or cultural barriers?

+ Verify the reputation of the company, are there any negative or positive reviews?


The Fifth step to hiring a software development company: Assess your prospects


After you've eliminated some companies, which one would you choose to be on the narrow list? Just do make your few expectations come to a final decision:

+ Client evaluation: If you are in the industry, you will easily review software development outsourcing companies by relationships with the clients they have been doing.

+ Work process: The company's workflow satisfies your working rules, the technical conditions they handle,...

+ IT quality standard: If the company has successive certificates, it will help you feel secure to hand over the project to them

+ For yourself: To be able to choose appropriate software outsourcing companies, you also need to have background knowledge of software, or update web development trends such as the top 10 framework technologies so that you can set the right standard in choosing the best leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam.

Above are the basic steps that Golden Own Solutions hopes can help businesses before hiring a good software outsourcing company and create efficiency for software development for the company. If you need to consult details, contact Golden Own Solutions immediately.

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