Jun 4, 2021

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Is JavaScript the future of programming?

Future is uncertain and full of mysteriously unexpected events. However, one of the things that would remain unchanged would be the power of JavaScript in future programming. For those who are asking: Which programming language should I learn for job opportunities and future prospects, the answer would definitely be still JAVASCRIPT. Read the whole article to find out why!


1. What is JavaScript

JavaScript is known as the best programming language to learn since 2019 . Invented in September 1995 by Brandan Eich, it was originally known as Mocha, but it was rapidly renamed LiveScript, and then JavaScript. After almost 26 years, it has evolved and become the most widely learned and used language in the world right now according to 2020 StackOverflow developer insights. 


Interestingly, big companies like Walmart, Netflix and Paypal build internal applications around JavaScript. The average salary for a JavaScript developer in the United States is around $72,000/year - not too difficult to land a well paid job isn’t it? Furthermore, this popularity of the language has provided you with several occupation options to become: Front-end developers, back-end developers or full-stack developers or even both front-end and back-end developers.



For a long time, JavaScript was only used in browsers to build interactive web pages. These days, thanks to the huge community and financial support from Facebook and Google, JS can be used to build full-blown web or mobile apps as real time networking applications like chat or video, command-line tools or even games.


2. Why is JavaScript the future of programming language?

In order to answer this question, it is significantly necessary to explain the tremendous number of benefits and influences that Javascript has brought to today's technology.


JavaScript is used to develop the majority of the features and apps that make the Internet so important in modern life. JavaScript has many advantages over other competitors, such as:

JavaScript is an easy programming language to learn.

JavaScript errors are easier to spot and therefore easier to fix.

JavaScript works on multiple browsers and platforms.

JavaScript helps websites interact better with visitors.

JavaScript is faster and lighter than other programming languages.



If you still do not find this convincing enough, here are some arguments in favor of the idea:

According to the Web Technology Survey site, over 95% of the Internet is powered by JavaScript since 20th December 2018. The figures are expected to rise in the near future.

It has several excellent framework selections. AngularJS, Ember.js, Metero.js, ReactJS, and VueJS are just a few of the frameworks for JavaScript that are accessible.

Packages that are readily available – Almost anything you can imagine is covered by a bundle. In fact, with over 800,000 build blocks, npm is the world's largest software registry. As a result, the options for producing with JavaScript are endless.


JavaScript is the only client-side scripting language. As a result, it may be found on practically every website on the internet. One of the reasons why Codecademy recommends JavaScript as a first language for students to learn is because of this. Unlike the traditional programming languages taught in computer science classes, JavaScript is almost certain to be utilized at work if you are a web developer.


Furthermore, in the past, you would have needed other languages to create outstanding mobile apps, like Objective-C for iOS or Java for Android. However, connecting to mobile APIs using JavaScript is now a lot easier than it has ever been. This means you can construct JS-powered apps using mobile device features like localization and camera…


You also don't need to download any software to use JavaScript language because it runs in almost every browser. Only a text editor (such as TextWrangler or TextEdit) and a web browser are required. This is a clear advantage for inexperienced programmers. 



Videos and visualizations that formerly required a plugin are now delivered using JavaScript, which runs in your browser. As a result, you won't need to download a third-party plugin to watch it, and the developers know that their viewers will still have a great time with similar experience


JavaScript is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for creating online apps. On Github, it's the most popular programming language. Software developers' lives are now made easier when they can utilize the same language on the front-end and back-end. It's reasonable to assume that JavaScript is here to stay - the future programming language, and that it will rule the industry this decade because of its flexibility and dynamic nature, which makes it difficult to surpass at the moment.


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