Apr 18, 2023

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One way for businesses to participate in the green economy is to go paperless. Our partner - LeaseRunner is a perfect example of a digitizing approach to minimize global deforestation. They are a Colorado-based, online service that provides a platform for landlords, agents, and property managers to digitize the rental and leasing process. This blog will let you know more details about the LeaseRunner project, and give an overview of their service. Moreover, discuss the paperless solution and how GO cooperates with LeaseRunner to approach the green economy.

What is the LeaseRunner project? 

LeaseRunner is a web-based application that allows landlords and property managers of all property types and sizes to process their leasing paperwork digitally. With a paperless solution to applications, background checks, leases, and rent collection, LeaseRunner provides the ultimate convenience for a landlord. Employing an intuitive, graphical interface, LeaseRunner delivers state-of-the-art data security.

Furthermore, LeaseRunner serves landlords and tenants in all 50 states. Clients can use LeaseRunner’s services one by one and pay for only the ones they use. E-signatures on LeaseRunner's professional, editable lease document can email to the parties as a secure PDF LeaseRunner’s Tenant Payment Center ™ serves as a secure portal for tenants to pay their landlords via ACH. Based in Boulder County, CO, LeaseRunner launched in the summer of 2011.

Therefore, LeaseRunner provides affordable, comprehensive paperless web-based leasing solutions. As the paperless way to lease properties, LeaseRunner saves trees and money. 

How does going paperless benefit the environment?

Dependence on paper-based products is responsible for more than 14% of global deforestation, based on the Paperontherocks website. One tree, which takes more than 100 years to grow, only provides 17 reams of paper. The production of more than 50% of paper used worldwide has destroyed virgin forests.

Improve atmosphere quality

A paperless solution could save billions of trees, which increases the availability of oxygen in our atmosphere and depletes pollutants as well. Moreover, trees help reduce soil erosion, which prevents pollution during floods.

Reduce carbon footprint

Additionally, directly minimizing their carbon footprint is something that businesses can do by switching from paper to digital. Paper production produced and released a massive amount of 49.90kg of carbon dioxide into the environment, based on Viessmann

Reduce emissions to the environment

The manufacture of paper pollutes harmful air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides into the environment. The cause of acid rain is these contaminants. Other than the paper itself, the ink and cartridges used for it also are very harmful. They contain toxic chemicals that, if not disposed of with the utmost care, can pollute the environment. 

Recycling alone won't be sufficient to address the pollution issue caused by paper production, recycling generates additional garbage and toxins that end up in waterways and ocean bottoms. So paperless solutions could decrease air and water pollution more directly.

Discover LeaseRunner Paperless Services

LeaseRunner is a website supply service relevant to tenants, poverty and security themselves. At LeaseRunner, users could experience the most tenant screening choices and flexibility in the industry, such as optimal interface, filtered data, and the ability to mix and match credit, criminal, eviction, and cash reports to serve both landlords and customers. Moreover, tenant screening could provide a connection between landlords and applicants. 

Tenant Screening

LeaseRunner could provide users with information about the tenant's background by possessing nationwide criminal records. Moreover, they provide reports about eviction, cash flow, and credit data by applying industry best practices in an attempt to accurately match and report information. As a result, Tenant screening could identify who pays the screening fee, the applicant or landlord, and own the instant authorization process and report delivery.

Online Rental Application

LeaseRunner provides a paperless solution for the environment, which is an online rental application that is fully optimized for mobile and can be integrated with tenant screening services. This information would remain secure, and the applicant’s SSN would only be accessible to the credit bureaus. This is the ultimate rental application form for any rental house or apartment, but it can serve as a commercial property application as well. It’s compliant with the Fair Housing Act in all U.S. states.

State-Specific Leases

LeaseRunner offers a library of state-specific lease document templates to begin tenancy. Every year, when lawmakers change or tweak tenant-landlord laws, LeaseRunner makes changes to their documents accordingly after the legislature in that state passes the new law. The user could customize the text of the LeaseRunner lease or create his or her own lease or addendum. 

E-Signature Leases

LeaseRunner lease templates automatically populate with landlord lease terms and their tenant data. They could be notified to e-sign and also emailed to each party.

Apply Now Link or Button

The LeaseRunner List tool will help landlords create an Apply Now link for each unit a user is willing to advertise. Landlord prospective renters can complete the rental application and authorize their tenant screening reports directly from the ad where they found renters

Renters Insurance

LeaseRunner is not an insurance carrier or producer and does not sell insurance. However, LeaseRunner provides a platform for Assurant to market and sell renters' insurance to LeaseRunner’s customers. Renters insurance's purpose is to help protect renters living in a house or an apartment. It provides coverage for personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. 

Exploring the technologies behind How GO is revolutionizing the leasing industry 

Website feature improvements

We improve LeaseRunner's processing speed and optimize features on their website by updating the website framework. Consequently, landlords could easily manage their tenants profiles on the LeaseRunner website. 

Enhance Process

By supporting API connections, GO help LeaseRunner become a high-performing business that keeps data in sync, and enhances productivity and revenue.

Enhance Security

By supporting SFTP connections, GO provides LeaseRunner with an environment to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of LeaseRunner and its customer data. This could help LeaseRunner control remote tasks and manage their customers more efficiently via their website

Digital Lease Signing and Cloud-Based Document Storage

With the right software that GO provides, property managers can send out digital leases created from saved templates to renters and owners. They can set the signing order, and everyone can sign from any device. Once a property manager has collected all the signatures, they can save the lease on a single, secure, cloud-based storage platform.

These innovations and improvements help LeaseRunner could approach paperless solutions easier as well as manage their website more efficiently 

Our last word

In conclusion, LeaseRunner is an environmental project that connects other businesses to sustainable development through a paperless office approach. It is the Golden Owl's pleasure to have the ability to help Leaserunner do their mission and be their reliable partner. With our contribution to technology and cooperation, we hope that Golden Owl and LeaseRunner could succeed in  the green economy journey. 

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