Apr 23, 2021

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Marketing strategies for your fintech product launch

In Feb 2021, the number of Fintech startups in the US is 10,605, making it the region with the most Fintech startups in the world. So how will your young startup stand out? How can thousands of potential customers know about its remarkable features and start using them to solve their financial problems? You need a marketing strategy like no others for the Fintech industry!


Marketing strategies


#1 Marketing strategy: Be bold and creative!


The fintech industry is all about money and numbers, and so, it may strike as boring and unlively. That’s why we need fresh ideas to serve as a trigger or a good reminder about the products/services that you offer. 


Innovations are always welcomed in Fintech, and some companies have leveled up their marketing materials into creative masterpieces.


Reliance - General Insurance wants to promote their car insurance package in a video. And one primary benefit of the product is compensation in case of vehicle loss. So there should be no worries to leave your vehicle on the sidewalk and chase after the girl of your dream. The dog’s love story featured in the video is refreshing enough to entertain while triggering viewers’ imagination.


#2 Marketing strategy: Focus on one main marketing channel


Not every marketing strategy is suitable for your Fintech startup. You may have heard that a data-driven approach is prioritized these days. But that doesn’t mean you should spend millions on multiple Ad types without learning the basics first-hand. Your lack of target audience understanding and optimization techniques will put all the money down the drain. 


Marketing strategies


Instead, try a content-based approach as content is King! You can always get more traffic by creating genuine and engaging content for your brand and share it to get organic views.


#3 Marketing strategy: Social media for humanizing Fintech products

Fintech products need a human touch. We don’t mean to downplay the importance of chatbot, AI functions, and automation in Fintech. Yet complex reports, numbers, charts are better communicated in a way people are excited about.


Marketing strategies


Human touch is the future of Fintech marketing strategies. Your brand will need a content strategy that covers social media platforms. Unleash your creativity and communicate the critical value of your brand to your target customers on social media.


Everyone can appreciate a bit of humor and lively content that can be shared with others.


Fintech is an exciting industry with lots of business opportunities. Golden Owl is experienced with building Fintech digital MVPs. Whether you’re planning on a Fintech app or webpage that will benefit millions, we have the right expertise to bring your ideas to life. We’re eager to work with you. Contact us for further discussions.


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