Jun 30, 2022

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Omnichannel customer engagement - What is it and why is it important?

Did you know that 64% of current consumers are less concerned with pricing if they are receiving the finest possible customer service?

Today's organizations can no longer just rely on the quality of their customer service to keep their consumers coming back. Now, marketers must concentrate on continuously connecting with their audiences through several media.

In order to learn what consumers enjoy and don't like, businesses are adopting a customer-centric strategy. And aking an omnichannel consumer engagement strategy is the answer.


  • Introduction

  • What is omnichannel customer engagement?

  • Omnichannel vs multichannel

  • Omnichannel customer engagement’s advantages

    • Strong, reliable voice

    • Consistent brand identity

    • Seamless customer journey

    • Higher ROI

    • Higher loyalty and retention rates

    • Compile customer insight 

  • Conclusion 

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When different sales channels are employed to give clients a consistent purchasing experience, it is referred to as omnichannel customer engagement management.

The omnichannel experience enables businesses to provide their clients with seamless and complete customer service across all channels. Regardless of the platform or channel customers choose to contact us over, they will still receive the same experience.

Businesses that use an omnichannel engagement approach should anticipate increased levels of client retention, revenue, and client loyalty. 

According to RetailDive, the average engagement rate for campaigns employing three or more channels was 18.96% overall, compared to only 5.4% for efforts using a single channel.

Despite these advantages, as well as those listed below, study reveals that just 24% of organizations have effectively invested in omnichannel.


A multichannel environment is distinct from an omnichannel one. Users may have access to a range of alternatives through multichannel experiences, but these options are not always connected or synced.

Customers may communicate with businesses in a variety of ways thanks to omnichannel support. In order to provide customers with a truly seamless experience, the system links experiences across channels.

All contact channels are connected through omnichannel support, including live chat, social media, and ticketing systems. In this way, regardless of the channel a consumer chooses to contact a firm, the customer experience is maintained.

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With multichannel support, businesses cater to client preferences by offering customer care through a variety of channels. However, the context, client history, and the main points of prior talks are never shared while providing multichannel assistance.

Each channel would therefore appear distinct to the client. Therefore, while using multichannel help, you must re-explain your problem to the customer service representative at each reconnect.


Building a successful business depends on giving your consumers a reason to stick with your brand. Among the numerous advantages of an omnichannel consumer interaction platform are the following.

Strong, reliable voice

A solid OCE plan ensures that representatives have a consistent tone that reflects the company's vision and objectives. 

When conducting business with you, many consumers will transition between different channels (e.g., using your company's app when they're on the go instead than a website at the office). As a result, it's crucial to make sure the level of service is consistent across all channels.

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Consistent brand identity

The target market for the organization will become more aware of its brand thanks to a well-designed omnichannel marketing plan. A brand is more likely to outperform the competition if clients are more familiar with its goods and services.

Seamless customer journey

89% of clients admit that they become quickly irritated when they have to repeatedly explain their problems to several customer support agents at different channels. 

Customers won't have to tell their experience more than once because to a company's ability to save it and share it across agents thanks to a solid omnichannel customer engagement plan.

Higher ROI

A successful OCE plan may bring in a lot of money. According to research by the Aberdeen Group, businesses with solid multichannel customer engagements enjoy an increase in yearly revenue of 9.5% year over year (compared to 3.4 percent for weak omnichannel companies). 

Similar to this, great omnichannel businesses have a 7.5% year-over-year decline in cost per contact as opposed to poor businesses, which only see a 0.2% year-over-year decrease.

Higher loyalty and retention rates

Customer loyalty is greatly influenced by providing a dependable, frictionless, and personalized experience. A customer is more likely to interact with a brand again if they had a good experience with it at first try.

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Compile customer insight 

It becomes easier and easier to combine all the customer data into a single dashboard since omnichannel customer engagement is a unified system. 

As a result, decisions on how to provide the greatest possible customer experience may be made with more accuracy and knowledge of customer behavior.


The customer experience must always be consistent and support the customer's purpose across all channels, which can be difficult to do. 

Your marketing team may benefit from an effective omnichannel customer interaction approach. If you are a company reading this, you shouldn't put it off any longer since it is the consumer experience of the future!

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