Jun 17, 2021

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A huge attack of covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected customer behaviors. It has shifted people’s normal life into a way where everyone, every business goes digital. As more and more people start to download and use apps, this industry sector has seen a significant rise in terms of revenue. 


While many businesses were concerned about the global shutdown, others saw it as an opportunity to adapt to changes and to offer more value to their customers. The truth is that having a mobile presence is now an ultimate need for survival.


As mobile app usage continues to increase strongly, what would be the chance? What kinds of app trends or mobile app development ideas would bring back revenue to business? 


1. Updated statistics of mobile app development 2021



As ClearBridge Mobile summarized:

In 2020 annual mobile app downloads 218 billion downloads. 

In 2020 app store spend hit $143 billion worldwide, an increase of 20 percent year-over-year.

In 2020, the average daily time spent on a mobile device reached four hours and ten minutes, an increase of 20 percent year-over-year.

92 percent of time spent on mobile is spent using apps, social networking and communication apps taking up 44 percent. 

Only eight percent of time spent on mobile is spent using a web browser. 

By 2021, there will be roughly 7 billion mobile users worldwide.


It is clearly proven that users are more and more dependent on technology and mobile apps specifically. They stream, communicate, shop, sell and buy or even make money using mobile apps. Therefore, it is vital for companies to adjust to meet the behavior of key audiences. 




Connecting with targeted audiences through mobile phones is now becoming a must for any businesses, especially for startups trying to squeeze their feet into the market and get customer’s impressions.


So, in order to get people to download your app, a proper research is required in order to understand what could be the most relevant app for your users. The following section will show you what mobile app trends or app development concepts are likely to generate revenue for your company in 2021.


2. How to get an idea for mobile app

There are quite a number of ways that you can use to come up with an idea of what kind of app idea you want to create and how you want your targeted users to handle them.


Start with the problem

Try to think of which daily problem you and your friends are facing, even some smallest problem like having flat tires. You can run some surveys to see if people are sharing the same issue. Then, you can start thinking of a mobile app that could potentially solve these problems.


Before building it, check to see if anyone has already built this idea yet or not. If not, congratulations. You now can be the first mover of the market. There will be a higher chance that your product is welcome. The key here, again, is to recognize the pain point of a day-to-day life that still has no solution. 




Find an industry that lack recent innovation

Canva could be a big example for this case. Before Canva stepped into the market and became one of the top leading tech companies in the designing industry, Adobe had been dominant. 


However, due to the complication of their app, Melani, co-founder and CEO of Canva decided to create something less complex and more integrated for people around the world to access for free. That is when Canva became a huge innovation and people loved them.


Improve an existing app idea

A mobile app made in an attractive market sector does not make it perfect. There would still be some faults or some unsatisfying functions. Run some research and do some analyzes to see where it is not performing well and how you could improve it. Take a look into how much better you can make user experience better and what could make you different from those existing apps. 


People tend to switch to something better if the app contains the feature they are looking for. After getting a few positive feedback from users, let word of mouth do its job in growing your business


3. App trends to help your business make money in 2021



Scan to pay

This idea is very common and extremely useful especially during the pandemic when people all avoid cash payment. This payment method will be popular in the future due to its flexibility and convenience. With just one tap, you already complete your purchase, fast, safe and precise.  


Discounts and deals

Imagine having an app that alerts you when certain retailers or brands are running special promotions. People have always desired and will continue to desire a high-quality, low-cost product.


Owning an item from a famous brand with its original cost seems to be impossible to some people. Moreover, it is very easy to miss a good deal or not even be aware of it. Having an app to remind you of that is all you need to smartly spend your money.


On-demand app

According to data, at least one on-demand service has been used by 42 percent of the adult population. And there's no sign that the on-demand phenomenon is going away anytime soon.


Living in a fast-paced life has stimulated people’s needs in using on-demand solutions. For example, on-demand delivery is becoming an inevitable part of everyone nowadays thanks to the on-time transportation, affordability and efficiency it acquires.



Mobile gaming app

Mobile game industry has never seen a down rise in history. For years, the most popular category of active apps in app stores has been gaming apps. This, together with the new habits formed as a result of social-distancing, will ensure that (hybrid) mobile game genres, as well as multiplayer games, continue to expand.

Fitness app

People nowadays are getting more aware of both their physical and mental health. Lots of exercising apps and guidance of exercising has been launched to keep this good habit and improve people’s health. 


A motivational music for workout app including some good tips and proportional meals to inspire people and help them keep track of their progress would be an interesting idea. 


Since people tend to prefer video to audio, you can consider adding some instruction videos to help users better visualize and follow. 


Now you already have an idea of what kind of app you want to build but do not know where to start? Let us help you actualize your idea. Building an app from scratch that generates hundreds of users and brings you back the value you expect with our expert in mobile development.


Contact us now at https://goldenowl.asia/contact-us 


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