Feb 9, 2022

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The complete guide to a successful sales kickoff in 2022

It's never too early to start thinking about the coming year, particularly when it comes to your sales kickoff ideas. 

A dollar booked in January generates 10 times the revenue of a dollar booked in December. As a result, sales kickoff ideas are fantastic ways for firms to honor their salespeople's achievements from the previous year while also motivating them for the coming year.

Many businesses are still considering various sales growth strategies for how to organize and host an effective and engaging sales kickoff event. 

We'll go through the essentials of any effective sales kickoff ideas, such as how to prepare your teams for the event and how to reinforce learning thereafter.


A sales kickoff (SKO) is a major event at which companies share their sales growth strategy and encourage front-line salespeople. Sales kickoffs are traditionally held at the start of a company's fiscal year.

Companies used to host SKOs in person before the pandemic. Among the activities available at these experience events were:

  • Networking

  • Best practices sharing 

  • Sales growth strategies updating

  • Sales team’s enthusiasm increasing

  • Latest information about new products and upgrades

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SKOs, like many other company functions, have since gone virtual. 

In order to meet and exceed the sales goals set for 2022, sales leaders are now looking to elevate their virtual venues to platforms that can enlighten, motivate, and connect employees.


An annual sales kickoff is a crucial way to anticipate your team's issues and set a good, encouraging tone for the next year. 

An SKO, at its best, will unite your sales people and effectively motivate them to exceed their targets in the coming year. So, let's look at how you can host a satisfying SKO that fully utilizes the virtual environment.

1. Carefully choose an engaging theme for your sales launch.

What are the benefits of having a theme for your sales kickoff idea? 

First, if all of your material revolves around one basic theme, it will be more engaging and memorable. 

Second, it increases the value of entertainment. A theme allows you to include things like jokes, slideshows, skits, small contests, and more. 

Finally, having a theme keeps you on target. When kickoffs are disjointed, representatives forget what they've heard, and there's no lasting value.

However, if you choose a topic out of thin air, such as "Hit it Out of the Park!" without considering how it connects to your business, it will fall flat. 

Choose something that epitomizes what you desire from your team the next year.

2. Make a sales kickoff agenda 

Salespeople want to know what the company's top performers accomplished so they may replicate their success. 

These tales are both motivating and instructive. With this in mind, organize one to three panels in which your top-performing sellers explain their greatest transactions, including how they started the sales discussion, how the process progressed, what challenges they faced and how they overcame them, and so on.

At least one tactical sales training session should be included. Give them plenty of fresh ideas and approaches to try in the new year, since successful salesman never stop learning.

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3. Build effective sales kickoff content

Content for the sales launch may help your sales teams prepare for the year ahead. 

The correct content material can instill the right enthusiasm, messaging, and mentality in your whole team, as well as provide crucial insights.

In recent years, purchasers have increased their amount of study, internet deliberation, and pre-call planning. They expect relevant, meaningful, and full answers to their inquiries by the time they speak with a human sales agent.

Take advantage of the situation. Concentrate on your message. Keep the stuff you share to the bare minimum. In the months after the start, prepare to expand on the messaging, skills, and tools taught.

Also, do not forget to educate your salespeople about the target market. Provide value-selling messages, skills, and resources to your sales force. It is also important to remember to finish any conversation with a summary that emphasizes the key elements.

4. Get past the one-and-done sales launch

Every year, sales kickoffs, whether live or virtual, face the same dilemma.

They're usually a glimpse of the company's priorities for the quarter. Product introductions, industry efforts, and revised sales procedures are all introduced. Then you move on, travel home, and your sales people may or may not recall what they learned during the event.

It's time to turn your 2022 sales kickoff idea into the event it was always meant to be: the catalyst for long-term business transformation. 

For example, you might use your launching event to align your company around certain messages and skills, then use online learning modules and fluency coaching to reinforce those concepts and abilities over the next few days or weeks.

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Finally, write up and discuss your results with the rest of your marketing team after the sales kickoff—don't simply deliver a dry, factual overview. 

Examine the details of the stories and use cases you heard, as well as the successes highlighted throughout the event and the responses you received to the marketing concepts you offered. 

By sharing what you've learned with the rest of your team, you can ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page when it comes to your clients' demands.

Above are some sales kickoff ideas and tips we want to share to all business owners as well as sales leaders to maximize their sales growth strategies in this upcoming year with full of success.

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