Jan 18, 2021

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Top 10 technologies trends in 2021

To keep pace with the ever-evolving trend of digital transformation, web developers also need to change to adapt and apply it to their work. And like other industries, they must constantly update new technologies. Here are the top 10 best technologies trend which will completely define the development in 2020.

1.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been like a technology craze in recent years, and there have been many areas of AI application in its operations that make the customer experience increasingly diverse and solve the process more quickly. The most obvious innovation is typically the application of AI to the healthcare industry. Many hospitals have created a separate application that allows patients to check symptoms, consult an online doctor and access medical records.

2. Hyper Automation

This is an outstanding technological trend of 2020. According to Gartner research, this is a form of using technology to automate business tasks without the need for human implementation. Automation brings many advantages: reducing human strength in a short time, reducing the risk of errors because of the accuracy of the machine, ...

To accomplish this, both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies must be used to enhance automated processing, in particular activities such as discovery, analysis, design, and measurement, supervision,...

3. Multi-experience

The trend of multi-experience facilitates users with integration becoming multi-point, multi-interface bringing them the most convenient experience in just one application or device. For example, users can order food, or go to the supermarket or even book a car with just one Grab app.

And when would be the right time for a business to establish an application? 

4. Democratization

Although AI or Hyper Automation can replace some human work, their nature is the democratization that supports us in the ability to perform tasks related to technology, senior economy,... without having to spend a lot of training expenses. Democratization will focus on four key areas including application development, data - analysis, design - understanding, and citizen access.

5. Human Augmentation

Changes in a person's physical abilities, such as the implant or storage of a technology inside or on the body. For example, the automotive industry uses wearables such as smart gadgets to improve worker safety.

6. Distributed Cloud

A distributed cloud is a type of cloud that has geographically dispersed infrastructure that primarily runs services at the network edge, it differs from the theoretical cloud model that relies on a centralized data center. 

By applying distributed cloud, organizations can reduce latency, network congestion, and risk of data loss.

The advantage of a distributed cloud is that it allows data centers to be placed anywhere, helping to solve technical issues quickly and promptly, avoiding delays and legal challenges such as data ownership. The development of distributed public cloud opens a new era of cloud computing.

7. The empowered Edge

This is the information processing and collecting and distributing structure placed closer to the information sources by leveraging all the technologies on IoT (Internet of Things). Edge is empowered to look at how devices increase and form the basis for intelligent space. It is predicted that by 2023, the number of smart devices will be 20 times higher than the current network.

8. More Autonomous Things

Self-propelled devices include such as drones, robots, ships and equipment to perform man-made tasks. This technology works from semi-automatic to fully automatic on air, sea and land environments. Typically, NASA has launched unmanned aircraft into Mars, intelligent vacuuming robots to help housewives are cut.

9. Cryptocurrency and Practical Blockchain

Blockchain technology is increasingly being applied by businesses to store and transmit data information by blocks that are linked together and expand over time. And in the future will be integrated with AI and IoT. Walmart - a US retailer is one of the pioneer businesses using Blockchain. Currently, the brand uses Blockchain to track the source of pork imported from China.

What we need to consider is that the complete blockchain model consists of 5 elements. A shared and distributed ledger, immutable and trackable ledger, encryption, token (token) and a distributed public consensus mechanism. In the future, blockchains or 'complete blockchains', will have the potential to radically change industries and eventually the economy, as additional technologies like AI and IoT begin to integrate with the blockchain.

 10. AI Security

Although new technologies are automated and open to digital conversion opportunities for business. But they also create security holes and create new potential attack points. Security is always the top factor to consider when it comes to everything: businesses, researches, developing, etc.. People will always keep looking for the most secured products, and traditional security sometimes is not enough, that's why we have been introduced to AI security. As such, AI security involves leveraging AI to identify and stop cyber threats with less human intervention than is typically expected or needed with traditional security approaches.


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