Oct 6, 2021

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Hong Kong has traditionally been a hotspot for entrepreneurship and innovative technology companies. Despite global economic slowdowns in 2020, the city has remained a magnet for business development across Asia and the rest of the globe.

Although Hong Kong is a small island, it is a popular location for entrepreneurs to start new enterprises. With a population of over seven million people and a highly educated and talented workforce, it has enough manpower to sustain numerous startup companies, both small and large.

Because of everything that it has to offer new businesses, several entrepreneurs have already sought to establish new operations in the area, and some have had notable success with their early attempts. 

There are a number of successful startups in Hong Kong business market you should keep an eye on in the future years, and these are at the top 7 of the list.


Entrepreneurs Tommaso Tamburnotti, Augustin Ceyrac, and Reuben Philip Abraham created EasyShip just a few years ago. The firm aims to simplify and streamline the delivery process for online sellers. 

It offers one-of-a-kind services such as picking up, packaging, and shipping items. Furthermore, the firm combines outstanding service with unbelievable pricing that it aims to maintain cheaper than anybody else in Hong Kong. 

With the enormous quantity of manufacturing and online retail activity, this is guaranteed to be a successful startup in the Hong Kong business market that you should follow.



As part of the HealthTech trend of ‘smart city' with artificial intelligence, Tung Hing Automation announced its cooperation with Robocore and the distribution of Temi - a service robot with Alexa built-in for your home, store, or company in Hong Kong. 

Temi Medic can help with health monitoring and mobile nursing, as well as providing amusement to long-term care patients through virtual visits with interactive exploration.


Bowtie is the first virtual insurance business in Hong Kong to provide people a comprehensive digital insurance experience using innovative technology. It allows clients to get quotes, underwriting, and claims services at any time and from any location.

Bowtie's platform, which was built with innovative technology and medical knowledge, directly sells health insurance policies under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) to clients. 

Bowtie is backed by Sun Life and by some of the world's top reinsurers. They'd also teamed up with Deliveroo HK to give riders and their families insurance.


The 3Doodler is a startup founded in 2013 by WobbleWorks, Inc., an inventive electronics design firm recognized for its innovative products. 

The 3Doodler's product is a high-tech stylus that enables you to create nearly anything in three dimensions in minutes. It is one of Kickstarter's most well-funded projects, and it has the backing and creative product idea to be a major hit.

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Shopline is a one-of-a-kind company that has created a cost-effective and simple solution for businesses to create e-commerce websites. 

This is a firm to keep an eye on because of its excellent position in a large Hong Kong business market, its reasonable price packages to suit all budgets, and its simple to use platform. 

It has already secured over $1.2 million in early investment, with part of that money going toward increasing its awareness through social media marketing channels. These factors have made Shopeline one of the most prosperous and successful startups in Hong Kong business market


Incus created the latest generation of hearing aids, driven by Intelligent Noise Reduction technology, with the objective of increasing the quality of life for individuals with hearing impairments. 

Kite, a hearing aid, automatically lowers background noises in any loud setting and amplifies target speech to make listening more pleasant. Incus has already received a total of 20 million HKD in financing and is rapidly expanding its staff.


Hugh Bell, an entrepreneur, created the Coco Color Company in 2014 as a result of his three children's love of coloring and interest in innovative technology. 

His ground-breaking innovation is a digital pen that works with a variety of hand-held devices and is intended to revolutionize the way kids color and create new artwork. 

It has secured preliminary financing, and the stylus' second prototype is now being built. This is a device that may become a great hit with kids in Hong Kong and throughout the world, so keep a watch on the firm to see when the stylus goes on sale to the general public.


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