Jul 16, 2021

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Top mobile apps that pay you REAL money in 2021!

You may feel overwhelmed to look for your possibilities if you wish to start a side hustle. On the paper, ideas like beginning a startup company may sound great. Similarly, it is normal to start a second job and to improve your income.


While they won't make you rich, you're being rewarded with several money-making mobile applications for playing games or for doing easy activities on your phone. Some of these mobile apps pay users real money. Dozens of these mobile applications are out there and, certainly, many are questionable or fraudulent. But some are not only legitimate, but also worth it. 


The money-making mobile apps on this list will work for you whether you have an Android or iOS device. So let’s dive right into it.


#1 Mobile App: Rakuten

How it works: Rakuten (previously known as Ebates) is the app that pays customers up to 40% cash back on purchases made at well-known stores, restaurants, and food delivery services. They have relationships with over 2,500 retailers in the United States, so you can save a lot of money on just about anything.


Mobile Apps


Rakuten's mobile app, like the web version, allows you to purchase online and earn cash back at thousands of stores. The money mobile app also has the following features:


Getting paid for your Lyft rides

Cash-back opportunities in-store

Getting 5% cash back at thousands of restaurants


Rakuten's mobile app also includes mobile coupons to help you save even more money. Your Rakuten account is credited with any cashback you earn. As long as you have at least $5 in your account, you will be paid quarterly by check or PayPal.


Payment: PayPal or check.


Download: Android, iOS.


#2 Mobile App: ibotta

How it works: Ibotta is a great money-making mobile app to have if you want to save money on groceries and other necessities. Ibotta allows you to earn cash back by activating in-store and online rebates. 


Mobile Apps


You choose the offers you want to shop for before you go to the store, much as with other incentive mobile apps. Offers can be particular to a product or a merchant, and some will be applied automatically. Others will require you to do a separate task, such as watching a film or taking a poll.


There are three different ways to get money back in stores: After your shopping trip, add offers and submit your receipt in the mobile app, link your retailer loyalty accounts, or buy a retailer gift card through the Ibotta mobile app. 


Ibotta collaborates with a large number of retailers, including: Kohl’s, Walgreens, Petsmart, Walmart, Staples, Sears,... Install the Ibotta browser to ensure that you never miss out on cash back when shopping online. When you join, you'll receive a $20 welcome incentive.


Payment: PayPal, gift card or direct to a bank account.


Download: Android, iOS.


#3 Mobile App: Swagbucks

How it works: Swagbucks is one of the most well-known online rewards programs in the world. Over the years, this money-making app has given out hundreds of millions of dollars to subscribers. According to their website, it gives out 7,000 free gift cards to subscribers every day. Swagbucks allows you to earn points in a variety of methods, including:

Taking part in daily polls and surveys

Playing video games

Mobile Apps for download

Online shopping

Video viewing

Searching the internet


mobile apps


The first step is to create an account on the Swagbucks website. After that, all you have to do now is choose an activity to participate in and get points for. 


The points can then be exchanged for cash or incentives. The best part is that you can accomplish all of this from the convenience of your own home, making it ideal for stay-at-home moms.


Payment: Gift card or PayPal.


Download: Android, iOS.


#4 Mobile App: Fiverr

How it works: Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can advertise your talents and discover money-making gigs. It's the largest platform for marketing your digital services from your phone or computer in the world.



This money-making app has almost 200 different categories. You can offer voiceovers, freelance writing, web development, video editing, logo design, social media marketing, and 200+ more gigs once you've been approved.


You build a "seller" profile that highlights your skills. Then, along with pricing and a description of your services, post the gig you're offering. Clients, referred to as "buyers," can navigate the site and place orders.


Once you've finished the assignment, you'll get compensated. Seller levels on Fiverr are assigned depending on performance. You'll be able to sell more "extras" as you advance through the tiers, such as a speedier delivery time.


Payment: PayPal, direct bank transfer, or credit to a Fiverr Revenue Card (a prepaid card). Depending on which option you choose, the minimum withdrawal amount varies, and you may be charged a withdrawal fee.


Download: Android, iOS.



#5 Mobile App: Poshmark 

How it works: Poshmark is one of the most popular money-making mobile app platforms for selling clothing for money. At any given time, Poshmark has millions of users and dozens of popular brands available.


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You take or upload images of your item, write a description, set a price, and share the listing after joining up. Items can also be included in "Posh Parties," which are virtual shopping events based on specific brands, categories, and themes.


Poshmark is just as quick as Mercari when it comes to listing clothing and accessories for sale. To make a listing, follow these steps:

Poshmark is available for Android and iOS.

Take pictures of the items you're selling.

Add a description, a title, and a price to your listing.

The best part about this mobile app is that they offer you a free prepaid USPS Priority Mail shipping label once you sell something.


Payment: Check or direct deposit to a bank account.


Download: Android, iOS.


It's safe to conclude that technological advancements continue to provide opportunities for people to improve their financial circumstances. Technology has made it feasible to work from home, create an online side hustle, and even make money using mobile applications.

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