Apr 6, 2021

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UI design trends to boost your business in 2021

2021 is the second year of the pandemic, some companies don’t get on so well with the changes, yet a few managed to thrive beyond expectation. As the saying goes: “Your design is your business”. One of the initiatives businesses can try is to keep their design up-to-date. Staying trendy will help to attract picky visitors who are already fed up with ubiquitous flashy content. Trends come and go, but it is a smart move for UI designers to keep up with the latest trends at all times.


1. Aesthetic Minimalism

There is something aesthetic about minimalism. In a world of fancy content, simplicity is golden. Your minimalistic style will elevate the brand experience and leave a pleasing, fashionable impression.

A complex and cluttered design just can’t cut it. But don’t just go and make a plain design. Minimalism has to be aesthetic, that’s why the world needs artistry and designers!

2. Voice User Interface (VUI)

User interface doesn’t have to be about visuals. It can be about data synthesis, context, and hearing senses. UI designers are trying to shift to recent UI trends. That’s why VUI is getting more and more popular. 

Amazon Alexa is one of the key players in the VUI market. You can translate a phrase, perform searches or set the alarm using just your voice. An emerging UI trend in Voice searches ignites growth in the development of following techniques such as voice search SEO (search engine optimization). 

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3. Pastel colors

A pallet that easily blends! Eye-pleasing and honey-sweet, pastel tones are among the top color choices for 2021 designs. By highlighting the lightness and purity of the design, the style sets the right tone for many types of websites, from e-commerce to social media. But undoubtedly, it’s best for fields such as blogs, organic cosmetics, art, or mom & baby.

Kimberly’s coaching blog got the pastel just right for the lifestyle and self-development category.

4. Dark Mode

You must be noticing this UI trend already. Everything around you is going ‘dark mode’. A simple contrasting dark theme means delicacy and high-fashion style. It seamlessly highlights bright icons or elements. And needless to say, users are getting the hype about dark mode so much to the point where it is a necessity and not an option anymore.

5. Glass Morphism 

Last year’s star was neomorphism (or flat design), but for this year, the stardom of UI trend belongs to glass morphism. It can be best interpreted as a blurred background that brings about the “through-the-glass” effects. It was introduced in Window Vista and iOS7, but it’s getting elevated to another level in recent designs, such as one in this Yacht booking app:


6. Immersive 3D visuals

3D seems to be here to stay, especially with the rise of AR and VR technologies. 3-D is being used repeatedly in full-screen animations, creating the key visual for popular apps and websites. The modern Front-end framework and library also allows for more complex and exquisite 3-D objects at a unique angle.

7. Modern onboarding

Users are not supposed to understand everything you built automatically. An initial onboarding process will familiarize them with the basics, getting them to know about you and your app, as well as guiding user experience. Of course, modern onboarding is going above the simple explanation of the UI and getting more focused on the thrill and excitement of the values your app can bring. This UI trend in app development is a must-have.

Final thoughts

In 2021 we can see a big picture with Minimalism, Voice User Interface, pastel colors, dark mode, glass morphism, immersive 3D visual, and modern onboarding. To succeed in a UI design, a designer should have taste, consider the UI trends, and put together an exclusive combination.

If you are looking to redecorate your Website / App and seek UI design assistance, contact us at Golden Owl. We offer professional UI design that is elegant, trendy and supports a seamless brand experience.

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