Aug 23, 2022

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What is Edu tech? And why is it important?

Digital transformation has made an incredible impact on almost every industry of the modern world. In addition, it also laid the foundation for Edu tech’s development, which has transformed education to the next level. So what truly is Edu tech? And whether it is crucial to education or not. Let’s continue reading to figure it out!

What is Edtech?

Edu tech or Edtech is known as education technology, which is the practice of applying information and communication technology tools into the classroom. The aim of edtech is to create interactive, inclusive and personalized learning experiences. 

These high-tech tools are changing classrooms in a variety of ways. To give a better view of how Edtech works, let us show you some examples inside the classroom including interactive whiteboards, digital note-taking tablets, interactive projection screens and student response systems. For the outside, EdTech consists of online learning platforms like Moodle, Edmodo, or Blackboard that allow students to submit assignments and access course materials.

Some well-known websites like IXL or FunBrain have a direct relationship to learning models as students learn new information. Many of these resources use educational theory in their development to ensure that students learn information in a proactive manner. Technology should be designed to assist students in absorbing the information presented to them.

Why has Edtech grown so fast? 

According to a 2018 study, 86% of eighth-grade teachers believe that using technology in teaching is important. In addition, 75% of the study's teachers said that using technology improved students' academic performance. Over the next 7 years, EdTech is estimated to triple in size to over 200 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3%. As a result, many would argue that it is critical to understand the benefits of Edtech in terms of increased communication, collaboration, and overall educational quality. Here are some benefits brought to both teachers and students by Edtech which show its vital role in the educational curriculum. 

How EdTech supports students at class

Increase student’s contribution to lessons

Children are encouraged to contribute to the lessons through the help of cloud-enabled tools and tablets. Particularly, learning games and online lessons on tablets help children to develop a good sense of teamwork. At the same time, cloud-based apps allow them to digitally submit homework. And have online discussions regarding their thought processes and for any assistance they need. 

Access to online learning at anytime 

Students today have full access to the digital classroom thanks to the mass development of IoT devices. They are free to complete their work whenever and wherever they are. For example, even when they’re at home or on the bus, they’re able to do their work on Internet-connected devices without the need to be present at physical classes. In case students have questions or need to notify teachers of an emergency, various digital apps also assist students and teachers in staying in touch.

Redefine the traditional classroom

Edtech tools are believed to be changing the way we think about classrooms and education. We’re all familiar with the traditional learning process in which students go to school listening to lectures or reading books, then practicing & doing homework at home. However, edtech has changed it in a total way which encourages creativity, team working and self-learning among students. For example, students can gain knowledge in theory by watching video lectures on learning apps. They can follow and learn the lessons in such a proactive way. Then they could use the class time to practice and work on the projects with others, which enhances their sense of collaboration. 

Create customized educational experiences

Apparently, every student has their own learning pace and ways of critical thinking. Traditional education methods can be difficult for many students to fully grasp the lessons due to their low pace of information processing. On the other hand, video content tools let them learn in a much more proactive way as they can pause and rewind whenever they’re confused. Besides, teachers can use analytics to see which students struggled with specific lessons and offer additional assistance.

In addition, Edtech has now replaced stressful tests measuring academic performance with apps assessing overall ability. As a result, each student’s learning trends can be displayed in a detailed and obvious way. Based on that, teachers can customize their teaching method and learning programs to fit each student’s strengths & weaknesses. Positive or unfavorable tendencies among students can be encouraged  or countered respectively. Edtech allows educators to create customized learning plans for each of their pupils. With this method, learning is supposed to be tailored to a student's interests, skills, and strengths.

How Edtech supports teachers at class

Save time & efforts via automated grading 

AI technology attached to Edtech tools does make the grading process easier than ever before. These apps’ operating principle is analyzing and evaluating answers based on the assignment specifications with the help of machine learning. Time teachers would typically spend grading assignments can be saved by using these tools, especially for objective assignments like true/false or fill-in-the-blank tests. Extra time off allows teachers more flexibility for less preparation and one-on-one time with both gifted and struggling students.

Support class management

It is always a challenging task for teachers to handle such a large group full of kids. Since these kids are poor at paying attention and self-monitoring. Fortunately, Edtech can cope with this situation by simplifying the way teachers and students communicate. There are now tools that enable students to self-monitor classroom noise levels, as well as apps that help send parents and students reminders about projects or homework assignments. As a result, a less chaotic and more collaborative learning space is developed thanks to these smart tools. 

Reduce the number of physical learning tools

No more backpacks full of heavy books or wasting paper & documents, Edtech helps to create a paperless classroom. In the past, teachers had to spend countless time copying documents. While students struggled handling such an overweight backpack. But they’re all things of the past thanks to the development of Edtech. Going digital makes it simpler to grade assignments, less work to keep track of hundreds of homework files, and encourages more environmentally friendly classroom practices.

Improve the accuracy of assessing student’s performance

It usually takes teachers ages trying to evaluate the abilities or detect areas where their students need to improve. However, all of that can be altered by edtech. There are numerous tools, data platforms, and apps available today that continuously evaluate students' skills and needs and in return communicate that information to teachers.

Sometimes, teachers occasionally take months to notice negative study habits. But it’s not a problem as some tools with real-time data can help teachers figure out a student's strengths, weaknesses, and even signs of learning disabilities.

Final words

Although EdTech is still in its infancy, it shows promise to build a customized curriculum to a student's level of proficiency by introducing and reinforcing new material at a pace the student can handle. Nothing is obvious about the future of Edtech but we believe in the power of technology that can transform our world to the better. In case your business major is Edtech and you’re in need of Edtech software developers, contact Golden Owl now for reliable support.

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