Jan 20, 2021

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What is the cost of creating an app in 2021?

The market share for mobile app development is roaming and many people are starting to wonder about the cost of creating their own app. Whether you are looking to build an app in communication, games, lifestyle, business, food or sports – creating your own app is a tough process. The good news is – it isn’t really as expensive if you know what to do. There are plenty of resources that allow you to create an app with lower cost & risks, for example, outsource overseas to Vietnam. We’ll get to that, but first, let’s run an analysis on the cost of app development worldwide.

  1. How much does creating an app cost worldwide in 2021?
  • Generally, the cost for a quality professional app, according to GoodFirms ranging from $40.000 to $100.000, in details:

  • Locally, according to CleverRoad,  the cost will varies vastly between countries:

  1. What if you are outsourcing to Vietnam in 2021?

A minimum app development project can be as much as about $1,000 and enterprise mobile app development cost is much higher depending on requirements. 

It depends on a lot of factors. The average cost can get up to $10,000. The minimum budget requirement is 1,000 USD. 

At Golden Owl Consulting, we still take the projects at around $1,000 to below $10,000. This can be such a sweet deal for a quality app that you might really need to consider! Contact us to know more!

  1. Factors that determine app development cost:
  • Feature list, time to make & divisive cost:

The main factor that will affect the cost of creating an app will be its functions. Let’s take the look at typical app features, the time to build & approximate cost for them worldwide.

App features list, time to make & divisive cost

  • Themes, UX / UI Design

App design is crucial, in case you are thinking about hiring an expert designer, who has experiences and a good looking portfolio, you should be ready to pay 150$ per hour or more. On the other hand, a less experienced UX/ UI designer will charge only around 45$

4. Who will develop my app:

So the question arises: Should you hire a freelancer, a small agency or a well-established organization to develop your mobile app? The options are being weighed right here:


  • A freelance developer: The least expensive option. However, this developer might not be the best in business. The ones who have a more proven track of record and more experience can charge more money for their work. There are also risks as they are not focusing on only 1 client’s project.
  • Well-known corporations: They will charge much higher for their services because they have a big team of highly qualified developers with proven records. But it can cost a fortune and takes up too much money especially if you are a start-up just building your company from scratch.
  • A small app development agency: Depending on the size of the company, the cost will vary accordingly. At Golden Owl - we have an experienced team and we have qualified developers but since we locate in Vietnam, a developing country, our apps cost around $1.000- $10.000.


  1. App maintenance cost

To maintain an app, you will need an extra 20% of the average yearly app development cost.

For instance, if your mobile app development costs $100,000, you can estimate that app maintenance will cost you around $20,000 per year. Additional features may drive up the cost of app maintenance, which may include:


  • powerful servers – $20-$60/month
  • push notifications – $10/month
  • payment gateways – up to $150/month (plus a fee on each transaction)
  • emergency maintenance – depends on the nature of emergency
  • third party APIs charges
  • bug fixing
  • app stores developer fee – $25 at Google Play, $99 at Apple App.


Still have questions? Contact our specialists via this page to get top-notched IT consultation ASAP! We are a team of technological experts who will get back to you shortly within 24 hours


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