Jan 18, 2021

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Why should you hire a digital transformation consultant?

`Digital transformation is a hot topic with business owners across the globe and has become a trend in recent years. But, how to have a successful digital transformation is also a big concern for many businesses. Let's dive in with Golden Owl to find out why you should hire a digital transformation consultant to make a positive impact on your business performance.

What is digital transformation?

First, you need to simply understand the digital transformation definition. Digital transformation is the innovation of information technology-backed business models to solve complex business problems (by often using cloud computing), building a better experience for customers and employees with the help of innovative technology.

Born in an era of booming internet, becoming popular recently, digital transformation consulting is a strategic and policy development service that applies to technology (digitalize) in all aspects of the business. If effective, this activity will completely change (transformation) the way a business operates, increase cooperation efficiency, optimize work efficiency, and bring value to customers.

Check out the top 10 technology trends in 2021.

5 reasons you should hire a digital transformation consultant

1. The digital transformation consulting company has a good relationship with major partners

Partnerships with any consulting company are important in boosting your digital transformation. A digital transformation consulting company with core technical service resources will make it easier for your business to handle arising issues and grow steadily.

Some essential technical services include cloud computing services, business process manager (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), customer relationship management (CRM).

2. They have critical thinking and clear minds

Digital transformation can be considered a race at breakneck speed. Many businesses have spent too much time pursuing strategies that have put a lot of effort in, even though the project does not achieve good results or is not important, leading to failure in the digital transformation journey.

Hiring a digital transformation consultant will help your business have a clear view from the beginning, avoiding wasting manpower. Simplifying processes and distinguishing what stages should be prioritized for efficient use of resources and budget.

3. They could anticipate the risks that may occur during digital transformation

Digital technology is both a source of risk and a way of managing risk. Understanding the principles of digital transformation to apply to risk management will help businesses have a more balanced view and take a new approach, exploiting risks to create growth.

Digital transformation consulting company is always experienced in technology innovation for specific industries, who will capture new growth opportunities in the foreseeable risks. Whether you want digital transformation in healthcare or digital transformation in banking, it's not that difficult for them.

With years of experience in many countries around the world, Golden Owl is proud to offer a blend of technical knowledge, data mining, and analytical tools to help you create and transform quickly in line with your unique possibilities. Chat with us here!

4. They help you train employees to quickly grasp new technology

Digital transformation is a comprehensive innovation process from inside and outside the enterprise. Whether experienced or not, your employees will surely encounter many difficulties in getting used to the new process, new model. So businesses should have a training program to help employees understand how this new technology system will work, thereby helping digital transformation more quickly.

Digital transformation consultant will often propose a plan in their strategy for every staff level. Make sure everyone in your business keeps up with the new technology of the company.

5. Saving budget in long term

We all know the long-term benefits that the right digital transformation strategy brings about growth and budget for businesses. Estimates have shown that more than $ 1.4 trillion has been in the deficit from the economy each year because of bad user experience.

A knowledgeable digital expert can join and help streamline existing digital capabilities of the business, then integrate new technologies in the transformation, helping to save a huge sum of money for businesses.


We hope that with the above sharing, you can give yourself an overview of digital transformation trends and the factors why you should hire digital transformation consultant for your business to help fulfill your ambition and meet new challenges.

At Golden Owl, our success is finding the right digital transformation strategy for our customers to ensure their satisfaction. If you're wondering how to get started on your digital transformation journey, get in touch with us.

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