Oct 11, 2021

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05 influencers marketing secrets young entrepreneurs need to know

One of the best things about digital and social media marketing is how much flexibility there is for experimentation and innovation. 


It's worth a shot to attempt whatever you believe will help you reach a wider audience or get them to connect with your goods.


Working with social media users that have big or highly engaged followings to promote your business or product is known as influencer marketing.


For that, influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy for entrepreneurs that has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the development of so many social media celebrities. 


Influencers are cashing in on their capacity to fascinate huge audiences and so substantially influence the purchase behavior of their followers, potentially earning thousands each post.


Therefore in today’s blog, we will cover these 05 secrets you need to know to help you set up successful influencer marketing strategies.


1. 3 must-have characteristics of an influencer

Reach and Engagement - Your aim in collaborating with an influencer is to reach out to a larger audience. This implies that your influencer must be able to communicate with a big number of people and have them engage with their material.


Contextual Credibility - If no one is willing to listen to and appreciate your influencer's views, your marketing campaign will fail. Your influencer must have a high level of trust with their followers based on their perceived understanding of a certain topic.



Salesmanship - At the end of the day, your influencer might be considered a representative for your company. This means that they must be able to persuade others to agree with their point of view in order to be successful.


2. Money does not mean everything

Just because a company is well-known doesn't imply it'll be a good fit for you and your budget.  When selecting an influencer, the first step is to determine if their audience is similar to the type of people who will want to buy from your company.


They need to build relationships with their followers and connect with them so that they can provide a message that is relevant and effective for each person who follows them.


Furthermore, you must check that what they have previously discussed on social media or any other platform corresponds to your product and how it has been utilized by consumers in the past.



You don't want them to say something that contradicts what you're trying to promote since it won't be viewed as credible or authentic by individuals who want to take their advice.


3. Utilize IGTV as a massive social media platform.

According to Instagram, mobile video is expected to account for 78 percent of all mobile data traffic by 2021.


Instagram launched IGTV in June of last year to compete with YouTube. It wasn't a home run right first, but marketers should keep an eye on its progress in the future.



Instagram has improved the functionality and visibility of IGTV video, as well as devoted additional resources to encouraging companies to utilize it. 


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It's critical for you to keep an eye on these changes as a company to see how your influencers respond. Are they among the first to use all of the new platforms? Or are they more cautious and stick to what they're familiar with? You should also be aware of the rising or diminishing popularity of certain social media sites.


4. Gen Z is the focus

With more than $200 billion in spending power, millennials are still in charge. 


However, according to Millennial Marketing, Gen Z is on track to become the largest generation of customers by 2020, and they currently account for $29 billion to $143 billion in direct spending.


Gen Z is a rapidly increasing part of the influencer economy across all platforms, making it critical for companies to identify their target market.



The game is all about values. Gen Zers are thrifty, yet they will pay a premium for sustainable friendly items. 


Shopping is a means for this hyper-connected generation to express their ideals, and they're allegedly more interested with social action than any previous age. Marketers, take notice. This is the call of the future!


5. Understand the power of emotional storytelling

Content goes viral because of emotions ranging from amazement and rage to grief and love. 


While one advantage of emotional marketing efforts is that they assist to strengthen relationships with your audience, another advantage is that they may motivate individuals to take action. 



When you understand what motivates your target market, you can leverage those motivating feelings to increase sales and client loyalty.


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Aside from the emotions of virality, there are two other variables at play:


Good viral material touches people's hearts or makes them feel something, which isn't always related to the emotions described before.


It's easy to relate to good viral material. When individuals want to be a part of a narrative, they want to share it not just because they empathize, but also because something about the sharing is a reflection on them.



Influencer marketing strategies can be a difficult path to follow. Your influencer marketing efforts might generate great returns if you begin your marketing campaign with the proper assumptions. 


Are you ready to take your influencer marketing efforts to the next level? Recognize that your marketing team's ability to nurture connections that develop trust between your brand and your target consumer is critical to success.


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