Nov 5, 2021

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6 Ecommerce trends in 2022 driving your bussiness to success

A book was bought online for the first time on Amazon in 1995.


20 years later, over 2 trillion dollars in sales have been generated by the ecommerce business. 


As a result of the effects of Covid in 2020, the year 2021 saw tremendous shifts in the ecommerce business. 


Not just that, customers' expectations of how firms handle customer service, customize messages, and give options have all evolved as e-commerce has grown in popularity.


Smart people who can develop a tailored, engaging virtual buying experience for customers are critical to the future of online shopping trends. 


To fulfill the needs of today's online shopper, many ecommerce organizations were compelled to pivot to a new method of conducting business as a result of these new shifts.


For those who want to start up an ecommerce business, they must embrace the most cutting-edge digital technology and techniques, such as data analytics, machine learning, and mobile trends.


Make sure to take advantage of these 5 ecommerce development business trends in 2022 to take your business to the next level.


1. Shopping search by voice

Customers who are usually on the go will appreciate the ease of voice shopping. Smartphone voice assistants, home smart hubs, and even TV remote controls have come a long way. The popularity of voice search is rising, which has a direct impact on search results and buying outcomes. 


It's no surprise that voice-search AIs such as Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Google's Assistant are utilizing it. The number of voice shoppers is predicted to rise by 55%, making this an ecommerce trend in 2022 to follow!


Voice search is quickly becomming an ecommerce trend in 2022 to follow!


This provides a chance for ecommerce business owners to use voice-search-optimization tactics to rank for keywords and phrases that are specifically tailored to voice-search requests.


For the time being, it will take some time to make voice assistants entirely dependable and usable all over the world. But once this feature is completed, eCommerce retailers will undoubtedly want to include voice technology into the purchasing experience they provide.


To prepare the platform for this online shopping trend, you must first optimize the content and place an emphasis on the volume of searches. Online vendors are advised to embrace this trend in order to provide customers with comfort.


2. Omnichannel strategy is key

Around 74% of consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions. A sizable proportion of these people would prefer to buy a product straight from the social media network they're using.


Focusing on a single channel for selling your items and making the most of it by having buyers come straight to you demonstrates you're doing everything properly, especially in terms of customer acquisition.


Read more: 5 social media marketing tips to boost your company sales


However, this reduces your possibilities of engaging with additional prospective clients through numerous avenues. According to Sprout Social data, around 84.9% of clients will not purchase an item unless they have viewed it several times.


Therefore, broadening your reach to several social media platforms and big online-retail websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy will put you in front of your even bigger number of potential consumers.


This eCommerce trend in 2022 would be unavoidable, as eCommerce businesses would continue to develop and would need to acquire clients from several channels, as one would just not be sufficient.


3. Personalized customer experience

When it comes to ecommerce development business trends in 2022, the key to keeping customers happy is to personalize their online shopping experience. 


Personalization entails more than simply greeting each visitor to your website with a kind “Hello, [firstname]!”


Consumers are 80% more inclined to buy from a firm that delivers personalized content and promotions, which generally results in a 20% increase in conversion rate for website visitors.


This online shopping trend has been in the works since 2022, but as more individuals get more precise in their requests, firms will need to step up their online personalisation game.


Nike has allowed their customers to make their own designs and select their favorite colors using Nike's Lunarglide shoe version


For example, Nike has allowed their customers to make their own designs and select their favorite colors using Nike's Lunarglide shoe version. Enfamil, for example, asks expecting women for their baby's due date in order to deliver individualized information throughout the pregnancy.


Fortunately, you can provide each consumer with a highly tailored and unique experience using machine learning, smart website features, and online monitoring technology. You could even be able to customise things on a large scale to improve sales even further.


Personalization makes customers' buying experience easier and improves brand loyalty, thus more firms are embracing it, and most ecommerce enterprises will do so by 2022.


To allow you to customise your clients' experiences, your eCommerce platform should provide basic personalization options. If it doesn't, it's time to start thinking about switching platforms.


4. Environmentally friendly consumption 

Approximately half of Millennial parents say they prefer to buy things that help the environment. The value of a sustainable environment is being recognized by both consumers and businesses. 


Green consumerism is clearly a trend that eCommerce businesses should take into mind as customers become more and more aware of the fact that the resources we have at our disposal are limited, and we ignore this issue every day.


The value of a sustainable environment is being recognized by both consumers and businesses.


Many businesses are searching for methods to become more environmentally conscious and ecologically friendly by adopting practices such as biodegradable packaging, going paperless, and utilizing recyclable materials.


More significantly, by following this eCommerce trend in 2022, you will improve your credibility, goodwill, and make a positive impact on your audience.




Fun fact: "Unboxings," which include someone filming themselves unwrapping a present, have become popular social media content.


Influencers frequently receive PR packages from businesses and unbox them on social media for their following, which is especially important if you're dabbling in influencer marketing.

Make an accent on it if it is both environmentally responsible and attractive. And doing that, you've taken a step closer to gaining the trust of your customers.


5. Methods of quick payment

Payment processing is the last step in the checkout procedure. Regrettably, this aspect of the user experience can always be improved.


For income increase, immediate payment is critical. The ecommerce business owner should make the process of selling and receiving money as quick as possible. 


The ecommerce business owner should make the process of selling and receiving money as quick as possible.


This should be done during a brand-client interaction, video consultation, or a straight internet order. In order to reduce cart abandonment rates, eCommerce enterprises will have to provide even more payment options in 2022.


More companies will combine their payment alternatives into a single platform to avoid paying fees for each gateway or payment option they provide. It is impossible to waste the opportunity to gain trust. As a result, the user should be able to pay right away, without having to change platforms or register.



As you can see, the world of ecommerce is continuously changing to accommodate the needs of new consumers. The ecommerce trends in 2022 also depend a lot on an optimized website integrated with the latest technology as a result of the online shopping trend. 


Golden Owl stays on top of current developments and ensures that our clients' eCommerce businesses are equipped with cutting-edge technology and solutions. Contact us if you're looking for specialists to help you launch your eCommerce business.

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