Oct 20, 2021

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5 social media marketing tips to boost your company sales

Social media is obviously not just for raising brand awareness or for promotional content. 

When correctly optimized, social media marketing can do more than just spreading words about your business. It will become the most effective tool for companies to create social proof, get new consumers, and more importantly, increase revenue.

That is why many businesses tend to allocate a great portion of their budget on social media in order to create a following and foster new customer and consumer loyalty, so that many purchases would be made.

However, not all social media platforms cater to the same demographic. With so many platforms to choose from, it's critical to invest in the proper ones to avoid spinning your wheels.

In this article, we'll go through 5 most successful social media tips to increase sales and income.

1. Focus on your customer persona

One of the easiest ways to throw your money out the window is to run many social marketing campaigns without clear understanding of your audience.

Your company will not make any sales if you are targeting those who have very low or almost no need to use your products or services. 

Therefore, it is extremely important for your company to create a customer persona and work on it to really understand your users’ difficulties and their pain points. 

It is much more effective to target a small group of potential audiences who are very likely to be your customers than focusing on a more general approach with little or no potentiality. 

In order to do this, you may also need to segment your audience based on many criteria to better serve them with the right content. Simply said, segmentation enables you to deal with numerous client profiles and customize your marketing to their unique features. 

Apparently with the right message delivered to the right target, your chances of closing deals and boosting revenue using social media will be much higher. You make your customer feel like they are being cared about with the right social media marketing message and they will come to you as a result of mutual understanding. 

2. Pick the right social media channel 

Probably one of the best social media tips to increase sales is to find out which social media your customers are spending time on and use those channels to approach them. 

Determine which platforms are appropriate for engaging your target market based on your buyer profile. Two or three are enough, and you should not take on more than that unless you have a large team to manage them.

LinkedIn, along with Facebook, may be a smart place to start if you're targeting a B2B audience, because both have a large user base. Sprout Social discovered that the 18-29 age group leads all major social media sites, including LinkedIn.

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You'll have a higher chance of reaching your target audience if you're on the proper social media site. As a result, if you can properly contact your target demographic, your chances of driving sales increase substantially.

3. Make it easy for people to buy on your channel

As a business owner, making customers happy is always at the top of our minds. This includes making their social media using experience fascinating and their buying process easy.

Imagine a customer comes to a beauty product site on your instagram and they have to struggle to find the “Message” button to ask for more information about that skincare item. They will end up being annoyed and switch to another brand for the exact same item. You’ve just lost a deal! 

Ensuring that nothing interrupts user experience should never be overlooked. This is why Pinterest and Instagram have launched this Buyable Pin to make it easier for their users to buy

Buyable pins are a very effective and smart social media tip to increase sales. This feature plays as an actionable and aspirational way to trigger people in making a certain action on page which help to maximize revenue and stimulate repeat purchases.

Physical products/services can now be tagged from an e-commerce platform or inventory. A fan may see the description, price, and name of an item on your Instagram Story by clicking on it.

You can promote your business by exposing your Rich Pins and Buyable Pins which in return increase your chances of generating conversions even more by advertising them.

4. Work with social media influencers

While it's critical to grow your own social following, many businesses are turning to social influencers to boost their sales.

People with a significant number of active followers on social media are known as social media influencers. People trust influencers more than their own family and friends these days.

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Businesses will have a great chance to reach new audiences and influence major spenders like millennials and Generation Z as a result of this.

Find influencers that are in your field and have followers who might be interested in your product/service to take advantage of this.

In exchange for exclusive discount coupons or free samples, ask them to promote your business by posting about your product/service and offering honest evaluations.

This will increase brand recognition among their large audience and hence a better chance to increase sales

5. Create valuable content that captivate your audiences

We can not emphasize enough on how powerful content can be. Keep on posting on a regular basis engaging and compelling enough content that provide value to customers (educational post, how-to, give-away). 

The goal is to give customers the kind of information they want that will solve their problems and entice them to make a decision to buy a product.

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Using "informational" material like this offers your product a larger context and gives potential consumers ideas for how to utilize it. As an added plus, this type of material gives your target customers more reasons to consider purchasing your product, perhaps increasing conversions.

People grow bored of seeing the same adverts or bits of information over and over again, so mix it up once and again! Your consumers will be surprised by your original and innovative material. Remember to keep it appealing so that people will visit your page.

People will have greater trust in your brand if you provide the correct material on a regular basis, and sales will grow as a consequence.

In conclusion, as you can see, social media marketing is an excellent tool for promoting your business and increasing sales. Boosting revenue using social media is hands down a method all marketers and business owners need to consider since you do not need to spend too much money but still gain over expectation results. 

Another way to figure out the right ways to grow your business and make more sales is to consult a trustable marketing agency who has been well experienced in the market. These experts will give you the best solutions you ever need to turn your visitors to long term and loyal customers at such an affordable price. Contact us now for more information!

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