Nov 23, 2021

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6 powerful tactics to successfully delight customer after sales

It's a well-known statistic that gaining a new client costs 6 to 7 times as much as keeping an old customer. 


It's no wonder, therefore, that client acquisition expenditures may be a significant drain on a SaaS business. 


Since the focus of most startups and small businesses is to speedily expand, customer retention for SaaS usually is ignored and given way to the attempt of seeking to new clients. 


It's tempting to believe that after you convert a lead into a client, your job is done and you can relax and enjoy yourself. However, this is not the case. 


Losing clients is never enjoyable. If you lose your customers, you lose your money. We call it churn rate in SaaS, which is defined as "the percentage of subscribers to a service who cancel their subscription to that service in a specific time period"


You'll learn how to prevent the profit-killing loss of loyal consumers using our clever delighting customer after sales tactics. This is what you should follow.



As you probably can tell from the name, after-sales assistance is a service offered to customers after they have purchased a product or a service. 


It's often given by the seller, retailer, manufacturer, or, in certain situations, a third-party customer support provider. 


Extended warranties, product upgrades, training, discounts, or a gift basket are all examples of after-sales service.


After-sales service definition is very familiar to a lot of business owners


It comes with no surprise that after-sales service is a significant factor of a company's marketing and customer retention strategy.


Business owners more often than not overlook the importance of delighting customers after sales. If your product is cool and useful, that is fantastic! But it isn't a certain way to win over your clients' hearts and minds.


So what exactly is it, then? 


The answer is customer delighting. Yes exactly, delighting. 


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Andy Rachleff, co-founder of Wealthfront, stated that customer delighting is the key to everything on a recent edition of the Foundr podcast: "If your clients are ecstatic with your product and the experience you provide, they'll want to tell their friends about it," he added.


Anyone who understands the inbound approach knows that "customer delight" is the fourth and last step in converting strangers into raving fans of your goods.




You want to attract new leads and convert them to consumers by making them interact with your content. True, sales is the key that runs business. 


Delighting customers after sales, on the other hand, is just as crucial. That's because of the following reasons:

A 5% increase in customer retention for SaaS rate will improve profitability by 25% - 95%.

20% of your present client base is expected to generate 80% of your future income.

Customer retention strategy cost is 6 - 7 times less expensive than customer acquisition cost 


Remember: the best SaaS retention marketing asset you can have is a happy and delighted customer. 


The best SaaS retention marketing asset you can have is a happy and delighted customer


If your consumers believe they are receiving excellent after-sales service, with helpful features and support from your staff, it will form positive feelings which encourages them to share that to others. 


With a negative viewpoint, of course... The rest, as we all know, is history. SaaS retention marketing is therefore extremely critical.




1. Make your client feel important

Always search for ways to provide your customers more value; they would love it! Offer a complimentary inspection report to customers who bring their bikes in for service.


2. Make automation easy for customer

If you can’t be sure that you'll be able to devote the time and attention necessary to keep in touch with and satisfy your consumers, check out HubSpot's Marketing Automation solutions. You can develop automated processes that cater to all types of clients and keep your company connected with them after the transaction.


3. Create a happy environment

If you run a business out of a store, make sure your employees are friendly and accommodating. If you own an online business, teach your employees how to make your clients feel welcome and happy every time they visit.



4. Ask for feedback

And communication is crucial in every successful partnership. Communication is not just about sending out all of your fantastic material, clever tweets, and useful advise; it also means listening. You must pay attention and listen closely to your consumers! They'll tell you exactly what you need to do to make your company more successful. 


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It's also worth noting that Google reviews will help you rank higher in local SEO. Even better, monetary incentives for reviews!


5. Enhance your customers' experience

It's a common misconception that SaaS consumers are just only into softwares. They're also there for the experience.


This includes the software's interface, functionality, speed, features, price, purchase process, renewal process, communication, customer support, and anything else related to the SaaS. It's all about customer experience.


6. Consider implementing a customer loyalty program 

Customer retention for Saas can also be achieved through customer loyalty programs. This is a creative and mutually beneficial method to influence your customers' buying habit


You drive future purchases and establish trust and loyalty with your consumers when you reward them for spending money on your products and services. It's a win-win situation for the customer.


When you reward your customers for purchasing your products and services, you encourage future purchases and build trust and loyalty. For the customer, it's a win-win situation.


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A fantastic product isn't enough for a SaaS company to become successful. You also should create a powerful and assured brand name. A customer's decision to stay is based on this alone. 


It will take some time, but you will ultimately uncover the winning customer retention strategy, and eventually you will have a happy customer who appreciates your effort.


You'll be well on your way to developing a successful plan for delighting customers after sales and maintaining your SaaS clients if you follow these guidelines.


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