Apr 23, 2021

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7 business benefits of custom website design

Did you know what kind of advantages you will gain for your business when you choose to go with a custom digital product? Below are the benefits of custom website design vs. ready-made websites. We have highlighted the 7 business-related key benefits that will help you to make the right choice when it comes to building your software.



1. Highlight your business acumen

If you are using a theme from ready-made website sources like WordPress or Shopify, Magento then your website will be influenced by the template. Meanwhile, custom website design and development gives you the power to fully customize your website interface, data system, features, and more. 


Using custom websites and apps is a great way to highlight your USPs and showcase your business acumen. You are in total control of how your digital products function and look. For example, with an eCommerce store on Etsy, you can only choose from their available templates. Meanwhile, when developing your own site, you can freely create blocks and designs to highlight your best sellers and add custom CTAs, all of which are recommended by a UI designer. 


2. Automate repetitive tasks, working with a huge load of data

This is what MNCs and big corporations face a whole lot. As their company grows bigger, there are millions of items to monitor and some procedures are supposed to be repeated by a thousand times. A strong internal technical platform will assist the employees a lot in doing their daily tasks, reduce the workload and human errors.


In some cases, as the data becomes huge, it is actually essential to have technical assistance. Internal management application/website is also common among big enterprises as it is a powerful tool to monitor data workflow, promote transparency and quickly detect any problems. 


Custom software solutions are becoming a trend


3. Custom apps are cost-effective in the long run


Ready-made software may seem cheaper at first, but remember it is a monthly/membership fee. which will add up over the years. If you are using the software for a long time, then the cost will grow big. Not to mention when you already have a lot of your business information integrated into the third-party’s system, it is actually a complex job migrating to your own. Security is also a problem as you are using someone else’s platform, they have access to your system and might be using them for their own purposes.


Although custom-made software is more expensive at first, they belong to you entirely and don’t cost anything more in the long run. This option is far less expensive overtime not to mention the ROI that it will bring.


4. Tailored solutions - High compatibility


Imagine you own an eCommerce business, if you are using Shopify, you will have their CRM and shipping system integrated. This might be drastically different from your actual procedure in reality. This incompatibility can happen in many other forms. 


To ensure that your website/app is a perfect match to your offline system so that it can actually support your business in reality, not hinder it, custom software is worth investing in.


5. Custom software belongs to you and no one else


Your custom-made app legally belongs to you and no one else, it’s not a product that you rented monthly and might have to “move out” when they no longer allow you to be there for any reason. 


It’s like renting a house or owning one, there are obvious differences. But if your business only wants software for short-term usage, just go for this option.


However, if you plan on using that software in the long run, why not use custom-made software? Golden Owl offers full-service custom web/app development at its finest.


Internal management app/web are common in bigger companies


6. Significant reduction in cybersecurity threats


Hackers don’t usually target just one company. Because so much effort putting into hacking just one company is totally not worth the risk. Meanwhile, with the same efforts, they can break into the systems of websites and access 1000 or 100000 of business data. 


So having your own software is already reducing a whole lot of cybersecurity breaches. With custom app/web, more cybersecurity features can be integrated into your software according to the level of security you want to have. As security matters are in your hands, you are in control.


7. Custom software embraces brand identities


Branding is what separates you from your competitors. Nowadays, people don’t just buy the product, they buy the brand and the experience. It’s your brand’s characteristics that spark a sense of pride and loyalty when people associate with your company.


With custom website design, you can leverage UI design, code your heart out and decide on the appearance, personality of the brand. This will delight the customers and have them come back for more


Final thoughts


The trend is clearly moving from commercial to custom software solutions and the main key points above are the reasons why. 


Custom website design and development is a strategic tool to seamlessly combine various aspects of your company to improve organizational success, boost productivity and increase ROI. Software customization is a technological boost that will catapults you leagues ahead of your competitors and leaves a good impression on the audience that wants to engage you sincerely


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