Dec 19, 2022

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Nike Digital Transformation: Real Examples

Digital transformation is no longer a novel term in the technology world. More and more enterprises and MNCs thrive to apply digital in their operation as a method to stay competitive in the market. 

digital transformation

Nike has never hesitated to adopt the latest trend, and become a digital-first, direct-to-consumer (D2C) company. According to Bain and Company, “only 8% of the companies have been able to achieve their targeted business outcomes from their investments in digital technology.” However, Nike is doing well with the digital transformation shown by positive increasing numbers in revenue. According to the latest report (2022), Nike's e-commerce sales increased by 33% after a historically slow start in the industry. Today, the company generates 26% of its total revenue via its digital platforms. It seems that Nike’s digital transformation will win big in the future with the continuous strategy of forming the business more digitally. 


Nike Digital Transformation: smartphone applications

Nike made several wise digital investments in the years before the COVID-19 outbreak, including the introduction of its mobile apps (the NIKE mobile app, the SNKRS mobile app, the NTC (Nike Training Club), and the NRC). 

digital transformation

Nike launched these applications early enough not to be heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak a couple of years ago. During the pandemic, Nike's fitness app, the Training Club only, increased sales in China by 30%. 
Nike also introduced a chatbot in collaboration with the provider of intelligent automation Laiye, which not only assisted online shoppers in finding what they were looking for but could also deliver customized product recommendations.


Nike Digital Transformation: Invest in data science

Nike has been successful in conducting a D2C model besides its digital applications and e-commerce, the company strongly invests in data science with the move of acquiring data integration startup platform, Datalogue, in 2021 as well as two predictive analytics tools Zodiac (2018) and Select (2019). 

Zodiac is a marketing-focused tool that gives insights linked to the "value of an individual customer to enhance revenue and retention with the correct marketing, recommendations, and offers," even though both are AI-powered predictive analytics tools. To put it another way, it enables Nike to combine data points from numerous apps (both internal and external, like Fitbit) to better understand user behavior and anticipate buying decisions. Nike has integrated Zodiac into their app to enable personalized information and product recommendations. 


Nike Digital Transformation: Supply chain management

Nike declared in July that it would roll out an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system throughout its international network. The system is currently operational in Greater China, with plans in place for a North American launch in 2024. It is the company's largest investment in digital transformation to date.

Nike is making this investment as part of its efforts to improve online customer service, advance its direct-to-consumer strategy, and implement a digital-first supply chain strategy to address ongoing supply chain management challenges.

Generally speaking, the challenge Nike has faced with supply management is to navigate supply chain and shipping delays and eliminate freight costs, and factory closures. Transit times, for example, in post-COVID-19 remain two weeks longer than pre-pandemic levels and show no signs of improvement shortly. 

digital transformation

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ERP software applications frequently use robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, or artificial intelligence (AI) to improve supply chain management procedures. To reduce lead times, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce risk, tools can help with demand forecasting, bottleneck identification, inventory management, product tracking, and risk mitigation.


Nike Digital Transformation: enter the Metaverse

Nike released Nikeland in cooperation with Roblox virtual platform in late 2021, in the past 5 months, Nikeland received 6.7 million visits from 224 countries according to the company.
digital transformation

In Nikeland, visitors can enjoy playing digital sports and gaming in Metaverse. However, Nikeland is not merely a gaming place, gaming is a means to a final objective: the metaverse’s potential of commerce. Nike currently sells Roblox avatar apparel, shoes, and digital accessories in Nikeland.

digital transformation

Later on, Nike also purchased the digital sneaker firm RTFKT during that same year. The cooperation has been successful thus far. For instance, Nike and RTFKT Studio introduced CryptoKicks Dunk Genesis in April 2022. This line of 20,000 non-fungible tokens (NFT) shoes may be bought and worn by your avatar in the metaverse. In just 6 minutes, 600 pairs of NFT sneakers were all sold out, bringing in a total of $3.1 million.

digital transformation

It seems that Metaverse attracts Nike’s attention because of tons of investment from the company in recent years. Nike’s move in the Metaverse illustrates the projected rise of the virtual world in the future that every business should take into account in its growth strategy. 


Nike Digital Transformation: next move in the near future

Nike has hired Dantley Davis as vice president of digital design -  an indication that the company intends to take bold actions across its digital platforms. Moreover, Nike announced that they plan to build a technology center in Atlanta and focus on digital strategy.

Additionally, Nike recently disclosed that in July it would redesign its Nike China digital ecosystem, which includes the Nike app and Nike COM, SNKRS app, Nike WeChat applet, NTC WeChat applet, and other independently owned digital platforms. Numerous people also believe Nike will start creating the newest fitness apps, ones that use biometric information to give users workouts that are specially catered to their particular exercise routines, preferences, and requirements.

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Final words: Nike Digital Transformation

In short, Nike makes bold moves in digital transformation and the world is waiting for more wonderful digital experiences in purchasing goods and consumer service innovations. 

Digital transformation has not been a new trend, more and more businesses apply it in their operations and receive significant results, which partly proves the necessity of transforming parts of business operations into digital.

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