Jan 27, 2022

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Revamp Brand Awareness: 5 Chinese New Year Marketing Ideas

Like Christmas in Western culture, Chinese New Year is the most important celebration for people from Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


The Chinese New Year is approaching! As is customary, businesses all across the world are attempting to profit from the festivities.


Many businesses in Singapore take advantage of Chinese New Year marketing ideas (or any other festival, for that matter) to offer special discounts and promotions.


With over 1.1 million Asians living in Australia, including 800,000 Chinese people, you should surely target this market niche in the next few weeks as Chinese New Year is around the corner.


People will hurry to buy decorations, items, and gifts for their families and children weeks before the Chinese New Year. With a successful Chinese New Year marketing idea, you can make your company stand out and improve sales.




1. Friends and family giveaways.

Chinese New Year is all about uniting with family and friends to celebrate. 


While this may not be the same this year, you may still capitalize on the concept of community by launching activities that stimulate connection not only with your company but also with one another. 


Chinese New Year is all about uniting with family and friends to celebrate.


Setting up a giveaway where friends and family may nominate each other to win things or services from your online store is one Chinese New Year marketing idea that combines the two. 


This can assist in raising awareness of your products, exposing customers to new items in your inventory, and giving people the chance to win gifts for their loved ones!


2. Publish your materials.

Advertisement materials are another great Chinese New Year marketing idea to introduce your brand into your clients' homes. 


As a result, you should put aside funds to generate useful and impactful advertising materials to promote your company over the holiday season.


During the Chinese New Year, the goods you create should help customers and partners remember your business. While going about their holiday routine, consumers should be reminded of your brand.


Advertising items that are useful and practical are more likely to be kept. During this holiday season, make the most of your marketing budget by using the correct types of advertising materials.


3. Evoke your customer’s emotions.

It's time for the get-together. On top of all the festivities and parties surrounding Chinese New Year, the true essence of the event is returning to our hometown for a long-awaited family reunion. 


It evokes a wide range of feelings in Asians. In addition, COVID-19 has made 2021 a difficult year. Many Asians regard the Chinese New Year as a symbol of new beginnings and good fortune.


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Many Asians regard the Chinese New Year as a symbol of new beginnings and good fortune


People are undeniably more engaged with emotions than with cold, hard facts. An emotional marketing campaign idea is 22 times more likely to be remembered than one that is based on facts. 


If your material can transmit insights and evoke emotions in individuals over the Lunar New Year, it will likely go viral. And social media content is a great way to engage most of your audience for this purpose.


Since this occasion is all about family gatherings, You might want to come up with more meaningful content to deliver the message.


This does not, however, imply that you must be boring. Keep the theme of family affection in mind by being witty and funny, or emotional and encouraging.


4. Keep in mind the red color.

Red is a lucky color in Asian cultures. As a result, on Lunar New Year, you'll see the color red everywhere. 


Other bright and vivid hues, like yellow or blue, are also favored for this special event. 


The color can be modified to meet the marketing campaign of the brand, depending on your intention and brand guidelines.


You could, for example, use the Lunar New Year motif on your website's landing pages. 


Furthermore, because many people will buy New Year packages as gifts for relatives and friends, marketers can recommend gift bundles built from their products or New Year-themed recipes.


5. Invest in digital marketing campaigns.

More than half of the world's population currently has access to the internet. 


As a result, don't hesitate to use the internet platform for your marketing activities. Otherwise, you will fall behind the competition and lose consumers.


Aside from social media, you may purchase a web hosting plan to help you get your website up and operating.


There are many web hosting plans on the market, but the best web hosting plan is one that is tailored to your company's needs. 


Offering low-cost web hosting while keeping it synced with your business style is a great way to not only get more engagement from your customers but also raise your brand awareness to the next level. 


Does this sound like something you are in need of? Get in touch with Golden Owl’s team and we will get it started right off the bat.


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"You Are My CNY" campaign from McDonald's

McDonald's "You Are My CNY" ad from 2016 was one of the most touching Chinese New Year marketing ideas we've ever seen. 



It's the only time of year that many people see their loved ones. In China, McDonald's opted to launch a marketing campaign centered on the themes of "togetherness and the significance of connecting with the people you care about."



A cheerful and fast-paced short film was produced by Adidas in China with Shanghai advertising firm Hypemaker. In this marketing campaign, the director chose to depict how Chinese people celebrate Lunar New Year: some people party with friends, while others gather with family.



The Ox, the symbol of CNY 2021, is also visible in the film. Adidas received a high cultural competence grade for this marketing campaign, demonstrating that the athletic clothing company truly comprehends Chinese culture.


Ferrero Rocher

The Ferrero Rocher Group is a well-known Italian chocolate and confectionery company. The firm produced a short film for the 2021 Chinese New Year. 



The following is the plot: on Chinese New Year, a Chinese girl introduces her Italian partner to her family. He gives his family Ferrero Rocher as a gift, and they are overjoyed to see him. 


As a result of this marketing campaign's smiles and positive emotions, customers perceive Ferrero as a good present for the Chinese New Year as a result.



KFC China is giving away Pokemon-themed items, including a Pikachu music box, as part of their Chinese New Year marketing idea.



A figure of Jigglypuff, a pop star, and Pikachu clutching a traditional red envelope are also included in the set. This endearing and nostalgic commercial was praised for its emotional appeal and cultural competency.


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Above are some recommended Chinese New Year marketing ideas for business owners to take advantage of during this season to leverage their business brand to the next level! We hope you find it helpful!



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